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Are you searching for some new, unique, and stylish clothing brand? Then you must check the brand names like American Apparel to get more and more knowledge about the brand design and dresses. It doesn’t only provide dresses, jeans, pants, leggings, bodysuits, tops and many others. American Apparel Inc. is getting famous day by day because of its online-only retailer and former brick-and-mortar stores. This was an operator based in Los Angeles, California, and was founded by Canadian businessman Dov Charney in 1989. This vertically integrated company is ranked as one of the largest apparel manufacturers and marketers in North America. We all know about this brand for its unique design and wear. But did you know about the struggle and the brand history before coming to this position? To know more about the brand, Let’s go through the history of this famous worldwide brand.


One of the bestselling clothing brands with more than 270 stores across 19 different countries also faced difficulties while creating its era. American Apparel gradually became one of the largest clothing manufacturers in America nowadays. But no one looks back to the history behind American Apparel’s large setups. It was founded by a Canadian founder known as Dov Charney, who started the business when he was just 20 years old. He got the idea in 1989 with little business knowledge or experience. He started to operate from his school dorm by shipping American t-shirts to Montreal and other Canadian destinations to get feedback and money.

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After that, in less than ten years, American Apparel had become one of America’s largest clothing manufacturers. Dov Charney had dropped out of Tufts University, Boston, to continue this business and make it world-famous. At that time, since he didn’t have any funds of his own, he managed to expand the idea by borrowing cash from his parents to run his business. In 1997, American Apparel faced controversy around the globe for paying much higher than average wages and giving company benefits to its employees so that they could be treated well. Charney didn’t wait long to take his business overseas to Europe. By 2005, there were almost more than 65 stores across North America and Europe in the name of American apparel. Suddenly, American Apparel stopped making a profit in 2009, and the business began to face downfall and struggle.

Later in 2010, Dov Charney admitted that several stores had not opened around the world, so they have faced loss in the business. In 2000, the images involved in their advertisements showed the women’s models wearing only socks or underwear in photoshoots. Later in 2005, there were controversies for the models as they were pictured completely topless. The models who worked under American Apparel said on social media that the talent scouts in retail stores, rather than on the catwalk. Photographs of the brand models were taken by regular people rather than professionals. Dov Charney himself stepped behind the camera for many of them to suggest them and gave the idea. In January 2015, Dov Charney replaced Paula Schneider as the new CEO, changing advertising campaigns drastically, thus dropping the brand names. Models could be seen fully clothed, and ads were created to attract more female customers to buy clothes from this brand.

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American Apparel Women’s collection 

American Apparel is an iconic brand with a unique history and distinct culture in our fashion industry. It has gained a fiercely loyal customer because of its design, style, and look. This following and tremendous global brand celebrate the inclusivity, individuality, diversity, authenticity, and natural beauty of every individual, and thus they embrace what the customers search for. This unique, expanding, and redefining traditional notions of beauty is only found in this brand. Let’s go through the women’s section to know more about this brand.

Women's collection 
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Tops are women’s first choice, whether day or night, summer or winter. Without tops, all modern women’s wardrobes feel empty. If you are unaware of this brand’s tops collection, go through it once, and you will get mesmerized by their outstanding neckline and waistline designs. This summer, let’s rock with the latest trendy collections of American apparel. Nowadays, off-shoulder tops are always in tops because of their sexy open-neck design. 

Women’s California Fleece Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Top comes with a long sleeve cropped shoulder. The top consists of a shirring detail like the iconic California Fleece. Apart from that, it is lightweight and breathable; it is made with soft cotton with a natural brushed fleece interior. This can be worn throughout the year as it is perfect for year-round wear. The whole material is imported and is very reliable for everyday use. You can paint it with jeans or torn denim pants to give it a nice look. You can also use this top with dungarees to make yourself look classy and sassy.

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Another example includes Spandex Julliard Long Sleeve Top made with 92% Cotton and 8% of Spandex. This is available in various sizes thus easily fits every body type. The cropped design added some extra look to make yourself look happening. The low v-neck design makes it look even sexier. This can also be used as a dance-inspired wrap Julliard top which is a dance-inspired wrap top.

Along with the low v-neck, it also has adjustable ties and a cropped length design. The stretchy material makes it a figure-flattering fit. You also used this top to wear during your dance classes and salsa classes, along with shorts and a pair of shoes. This can also be worn with jeans or jeggings for office and outings.

American Apparel Hoodies and sweats

Winter is almost going to arrive soon, and if you still haven’t started to find the best combos for your winter wear, then you need to make it done now. Winters are incomplete without hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweaters. The most pretty, comfy, and body-warming winter wear is available in every corner of the world. But have you gone through the hoodies and sweats of American apparel? If not, try it this winter to make your wardrobe look good with some affordable, comfortable winter wears from this brand. Don’t know where to start? 

Hoodies and sweats
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This Women’s French Terry Cord Sweatshirt is made with 80% Cotton 20% polyester. This is comfortable and gives a closure fit to everybody’s size. It comes with pull-on features. Apart from this, it has a unique classic fit and a cropped body design and a drawstring bottom hem. The cropped pullover is a pre-washed medium-weight premium terry fabric to get a soft, chalky finish and muted effect on it. This can be easily paired with skinny jeans, trousers, and so on.

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Apart from the sweatshirts, this brand also provides cute, comfortable hoodies for all body shapes and sizes. Women’s French Terry Mid-Length Long Sleeve Hoodie is made with very soft fabric consisting of 80% Cotton 20% polyester. It gives a nice closure type along with the pull-on technique. The long hooded sleeve comes with a natural color flat cord and is available mid-length. The mid-length hoodie features a drawstring in the French Terry fabric to give it a sexy outlook. One can easily pair this with jeans to look classic. Apart from that, it has various other collections that you will love to keep in your wardrobe.

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American Apparel Skirts and shorts

Skirts and shorts are every woman’s word of comfort. When it comes to skirts and shorts, the only thing that comes to mind is comfort. This brand provides long-lasting durability along with good comfort for all buyers. Women’s Gabardine Tennis Skirt is made with 100% polyester material. It is made with high-rise A-line material which is heavyweight to prevent see-through, and the non-stretch woven polyester fabric makes it comfortable to wear. The top-stitched pleats from waist to hip give it a nice look to the overall clothing. This American Apparel pleated tennis skirt shows just the right leg, which gives it a sexy look. Apart from these features, it contains a zipper and button closure on the soft, lightweight gabardine fabric. The tightly woven polyester is designed to fit perfectly on anybody.

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Women’s Metallic Bike Shorts can grab your eyes apart from the women’s skirts. It is made with 80% Nylon and 20% spandex which is soft, comfortable, and breathable. This is nicely fitted on any other waist size and is available on high-waisted. These biker shorts got an elastic waist of lame tricot with a shiny, soft, metallic nylon fabric. The thin Nylon-spandex blend is given to give an ionic metallic silhouette look. Grab this short with a crop top or tank top to get a mesmerizing look.


Women always search for comfortable intimates and innerwear, whether it’s a sports bra or to wear with normal wear. Women’s Stretch Mesh Bralette is made with a 92% Polyester 8% Spandex fabric with pull-on adjustable straps. This fabric which contains Spandex, is added for extra stretch recovery. The sleek and fitted stretch mesh bralette gives extraordinary shape to the body, and the adjustable straps are added to give proper support to the body.

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American Apparel Rompers and jumpsuit 

Jumpsuits added some unique sense of style in nowadays fashion industry. American apparel is also famous for Women’s rompers and jumpsuits which always added a new sense of style to this brand. Women’s Stretch Velour Sleeveless Deep V Jumpsuit is made with 47% Cotton, 31% Rayon, 19% Polyester, 3% Spandex which makes the material soft and durable. The closure type, zipped design gives it a sexier look. The set is available in a backless deep V-neck cut, along with a wide leg and necktie. The center back zipper makes the cloth look cool and can be worn at parties, outings, and romantic dates. You can pair this with light accessories and stilettos to get an attractive and sexy look.

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The Women’s Fine Jersey Strapless Jumpsuit is made with 100% cotton. The closure type pull-on style makes it unique. The classic fit strapless design looks wow on any body size. The waist accentuating elastic makes it fit properly. The strapless jumpsuit features an elastic waistband that is super soft and can be used for everyday fabric, tightly knit, and exceptionally smooth from inside. This wardrobe staple wear makes your wardrobe collection unique and classy.


Every brand company wants to feature some extraordinary collection of dresses as we all know the dresses are the asset of every clothing brand. American Apparel doesn’t provide a wide variety of dresses, but the collection they have will surely mesmerize your eyes. The women’s cotton 2×2 Long Sleeve Crewneck Dress is available in full-length sleeves and crew neck. This is made with 95% Cotton 5% spandex. The dress is well fitted and consists of a long-sleeve left side slit, making you look more stylish. The Long sleeve crew neck dress is an extraordinary sign of fashion, and thus this features a side slit on the wearer’s left side with a fitted silhouette to add on extra styling sense. This can be easily worn on any date, night outs, and so on.

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American Apparel Bodysuit and catsuit 

Bodysuits have been an iconic trend in the modern fashion world. In the upcoming years, modern fabrics have become a staple for a millennial wardrobe, and thus bodysuits are always in demand. It adds extra glamour along with a sense of functionality to the style. One of the unique examples of this brand is the Women’s Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuit which is made with 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex. The pull-on closure makes it a perfect fit for any body size. The high crew neck makes us look more simple and beautiful. This new cotton and spandex long sleeve bodysuit have a high crewneck, long sleeves, and a brief cut bottom, all in one combo for anybody’s size. The stretchy material makes it a figure-flattering fit for any body size.

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The American Apparel bodysuits and catsuits are exceptionally comfortable for any time use. This dress is unapologetically sexy, streamlined for a flattering fit that perfectly hugs every curve and body shape of every woman wearing it. Women’s Cotton Halter Bodysuit is made with 92% Cotton 8% Spandex. It is available in a Deep v-neck design, and the open back makes it look sexier. The elastic binding applied to the neckline and armholes makes it fit properly. It is stretchy and gives a figure-flattering fit. You can pair this with shorts, Jeans, and leggings to wear as a top.

Jeans, pants, and leggings 

There are always controversies between jeans, pants and leggings. When it comes to confirmation, we all prefer leggings over jeans. As jeans are quite thick and make the legs feel warm, many prefer leggings over jeans. American Apparel doesn’t differentiate between them as all these are some of the bestselling items from the brand. Women’s High-Waist Jean is made with 100% Cotton and contains buttons. This high waist, high rise, slim fit jeans make it properly fitted for the body. These authentic non-stretch denim jeans are like an iconic mom jeans fit that is easy to dress up or down whenever needed. These vintage-inspired high-rise mom jeans are bestselling from this brand and feature a straight leg with a tapered ankle. The well-finished zip fly and four pockets jeans added extra style when paired with crop tops.

Jeans pants and leggings
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This American Apparel Women’s The-Disco Pant is made with 90% Nylon 10% Spandex. This High rise, slim-fit material is made with shiny nylon fabric, perfect for day-to-night looks. This is a kind of party wear button like the original American Apparel disco pant, a true icon in the fashion industry. This goes well with halter neck tops and tank tops.


We all get to know more about this brand from the picks mentioned above. After failing to make a profit for six years and more, the company filed for bankruptcy in America in 2015 but still, they stand straight and continue to expand their business worldwide. American Apparel was under more than 60 million dollars worth of debt and thus made constant losses rather than profit. Later, In August 2015, it was reported that the business would not survive for another twelve months if it didn’t get any profit.

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After the banks agreed on a new plan with American Apparel and their creditors, the business continued manufacturing and selling products again and again without any difficulty. The new advertising campaigns were set up with new attire and the new CEO. And that’s how the brand company gets back on its feet and succeeds in a competitive market for years to come, and now we can see where they are now. If you are still thinking about this brand, try some clothing from this brand, and you will surely never look back without buying.

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