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Anne Cole is a leading swimwear brand, ruling the fashion world. The name of the brand comes from its fierce owner, Anne Cole. Being an intelligent, smart, and empathic businesswoman, she continually challenged every male-dominated swimwear industry with her unique and sophisticated designs. The history of the brand is also as great as both Anne and the brand itself. The iconic swimwear brand Anne Cole is famous for creating several collections of swimsuits, or cover-ups, bikinis, or bottoms adhering to the basic principle of Anne herself. The collections are flattering, comfortable, and sophisticated silhouettes. The brand promotes the concept of body positivity and has plus-size clothes. This is how the brand makes sure that every wardrobe can own their swimwear line irrespective of their shapes or curves.

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Company History

Let us see both Anne and the brand’s journey to becoming the icon it is today! In the 1950s, Anne began her fashion journey with Cole of California, her father’s swimwear company. With her on the team, Cole of California reaches new levels of success and recognition. Her unique thought process in the strategy and marketing department paved the way to the success of her father’s company.

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After gaining enough knowledge, perspective, and confidence, she finally launched her swimwear collection for women of every body type. The designs were classy, unique, bold, and rather creative in those days. Women from all around the globe went crazy over their stylish and comfortable lines of swimwear. She introduced the concept of Tankini first. Her idea of creating a bold one-piece swimsuit with a two-piece bikini’s flexibility made her launch Tankini in the world.

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In 1951, Anne turned her father’s swimwear brand, Cole of California, into a success by introducing the idea of collaboration with famous dazzling stars like Esther Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. In 1960, Anne moved to New York City and opened an East Coast office for the Cole of California. In 1964 Anne designed and launched her famous ‘Scandal Suit.’ It is a bold, sophisticated, yet comfortable one-piece swimsuit with mesh details. This swimsuit marked gaining more than $1 million in the sales department. 1982 marks the launching of Anne’s swimwear label, which she named after herself.

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In 1985, Anne was voted as a member of the prestigious CFDA, the Council of Fashion Designers of America. 1997 was the year when women and the entire fashion industry were introduced to Tankini. Anne Cole launched a series of innovative swimsuits in 2000. The series had dresses that concerned each woman’s desire to wear something flexible, fashionable, and convenient. In 2003 the brand started making its retail appearances. After that, the brand paved its way to becoming an icon through a series of rough and smooth patches. Standing in 2021, the brand firmly maintains its position by producing an equally sophisticated and comfortable swimwear range.

Anne Cole Collections

The collections include vibrant Summer Collection, or separate Solid Collections, sometimes with specific colors, like Blue or Green. The premium-quality swimwear comes in stripes or small colorful prints, which one can find in one of the most loved Bloom collections. Below are some categories of women’s clothing lines by the brand, which also happen to be their renowned collections.

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Anne Cole New Arrivals Collection

The New Arrival Section of Anne Cole is one of the most famous collections. It is the one collection that is most talked about. Sometimes this category creates a wave of controversy with the brand’s choice of fierce swimwear. Other times they are critically analyzed by every fashion critic. But the collection is never dull. From simple, pastel-shaded swimwear to adding a bold feminist touch to every product, this category has made the headlines of several fashion magazines. The new arrival section has swimsuits that are made keeping in mind women’s desires. A quirky and modern look often enhances the classic designs. The body-hugging designs ensure comfort and trend together in one swimsuit.

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Anne Cole Women’s Twist Front Shirred One Piece Swimsuit is a one-piece swimsuit with a twisted front with a Molded Sewn-in Cup. The pull-on closure swimsuit has non-removable cups. To ensure a flattering look to the suit, the sides have beautiful shirring. Extra support is also maintained through Silicone Beading. The straps are adjustable, removable, thus making the swimsuit excellent for getting a tanned body. All these features make such swimsuits fun and comfortable to wear with extra bottom coverage.

Tankini Swim Top
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Another worth mentioning is the Anne Cole Women’s Twist Front Tankini Swim Top. If you are looking for a comfortable yet stylish summer purchase, look no further. This twisted front Tankini with side shirring is what your soul and body crave. The underwire provides enough support for you to enjoy a day out on the beach alone or with your family. This Anne Cole New Arrival collection, has newly curated swimwear clothing lines for every woman. The products make every woman look and feel good about themselves, irrespective of their age or shape.

Anne Cole Bestsellers Collection

From trendy Maillot Swimsuits or Maillot Bathing Suits to high-waisted bottoms and crochet tops, the bestseller range of clothing have swimwear of every type and are most excited among a huge population of women. Anne Cole’s Malliot swimsuits are totally in fashion and give a cool, chic look on the beaches. Malliot is a one-piece suit designed with a tank top cut at the torso and a wide cut at the legs. You can now get a sleek look in the summertime with the bestseller collection. This collection has a variety of swimwear that every woman wants to own due to their comfort, style, and sophistication. These best-selling clothes come in solid and vibrant colors. The swimwears have stripes or small patterns or just solid designs.

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The bestselling items range from simple mid-rise bottom wear to beautiful cover-ups to one-pieces or swim dresses. The prints and stripes are unique, with a range of pastel or darker shades. The designs would match your mood and personality. These best-selling clothing lines have premium level sophistication. The designers try to create a unique, bold, yet comfortable look for each of these items. That is what makes each of these items fall under the bestseller category. They try to maintain equal portions of comfort and a flattering look. The color and designs are sorted accordingly.

You can pair a tankini with shorts or a scarf to give yourself a chic look.nThe classic swimwear gets a touch of sophistication, modesty, and bold look with enough comfort and support. Following are the examples of two of the bestselling products from this women’s category. One of the bestselling Anne Cole one-piece swimsuits is the Anne Cole Shirred Maillot One-Piece Swimsuit. The swimsuit sports removable cups with a pair of adjustable straps.

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Along with these, there is shirring on the side that ensures a chic and flattering look on you. Women of every age are welcome to try on this one-piece. The brand guarantees comfort and sophistication to every woman. 

The other one is Anne Cole High Waist to Fold Over Swimsuit. This bikini bottom swimsuit could be worn as a flattering foldover or a high waist bottom wear. The double-lined fabric ensures coverage and support. One could pair this product with a swim top and create an effortless look for the day. It is great to pair with other casual tops and hang out with your friends and family at the beach.

Anne Cole Tankini Collection

It is no surprise that Anne Cole first launched Tankini. In general, tankinis are a kind of swimwear mix of a tank top shirt with that of a swimsuit. This kind of design allows you to be trendy yet feel comfortable with the support and coverage. To be precise, the word tankini originated from the term ‘tank suit.’ Tank suit was a kind of one-piece bathing suit worn and loved by women in the early 1920s. Anne Cole’s idea behind this design was to invent swimwear that would match the expectations of a woman from every household, irrespective of age or shape.

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Anne Cole, from a young age, understood women’s desires and expectations from a swimsuit. Her designs were for the betterment of women. With the introduction of tankinis, the brand steps a firm foot towards creating female-oriented fashion in a male-dominated environment. Tankinis represents both style and full coverage. Every Tankini has a unique set of patterns or colors. The creativity led to women getting to wear what they wanted without worrying about their size or age. The Tankini provided women from every background the opportunity to style themselves and bring out their best versions. 


One of the examples of Tankini is the Anne Cole High Neck Tankini Swim Top. This beautiful pull-on closure tankini swim top has removable cups. This helps in more significant adjustment and provides the highest degree of comfort. The typical Anne Cole braided stripe in the middle of the Tankini adds to the retro look and makes it more stylish. This high neck tankini swims top sports strappy back detail that makes it look all the more flattering. You can pair this top with several types of bottom wear.

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The other example would be Anne Cole Twist-Front Underwire Tankini Swim Top. This gorgeous Tankini has a pull-on type closure. Tankinis usually come in various prints or even in solids. But the prints never seem to be off-fashion. This Tankini is also a part of the bolo babe floral collection. The swim top sports cups with underwires and are removable. The shirring on the side of the Tankini adds to its flattering look. The swim top has a bolo babe floral cup-sized twist front. This ensures comfort as well as being in style.

 One-piece Anne Cole Collection

Is the summer upon us already? If yes, what are you waiting for? Your wardrobe needs to be filled with the one-piece swimsuits from this Anne Cole collection. It is one of the prettiest and most talked about categories under this brand. One-piece is generally pretty much the same among other brands. But Anne Cole’s creative innovations and ideas to support women bring out the best of the designs. These swimsuits come in various solid shades or cute prints or stripes even. You can now show off your curves in this body-hugging collection and fall in love with yourself all over again. Along with having vibrant shades, the swimsuits come in various designs around the neck. They range from a decent v-neck to deep, bold plunging necklines.

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 The one-piece swimsuits could have a halter cut or strapless top. The prints range from floral bloom patterns to bright stripes. The brand makes sure that each of its designs under this category looks flattering with a touch of sophistication. These bathing suits bring out the best in everybody’s type, irrespective of their age or color. The creative designs are chalked out, keeping in mind each woman’s desire to look confident and beautiful while embracing their curves. From shirring on the side to cute prints and asymmetrical design, the one-piece bathing suit has a wide and beautiful range to support women.

Anne Cole Twist Front Shirred One Piece Swimsuit is one of the examples of a one-piece swimsuit. This Anne Cole clothing line is fun and easy to wear. It could be paired with several types of accessories or body jewelry. The one-piece swimsuit gets its flattering look from the shirring on the side of it. The cups are sewn in molded style, which helps give the support and coverage that the body needs. The straps are removable and adjustable. Overall, this shirred one-piece offers full bottom coverage. These ensure comfort as well as fashion.

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The other example from this renowned collection would be Anne Cole Twist Front Shirred One-Piece Swimsuit. This swimsuit also has shirring on the side of it. This ensures an amplified stylish look along with providing the already-mentioned comfort. The straps, too, are adjustable and removable. The full bottom coverage guarantees support and coverage at the highest levels. The sewn-in molded cups of the swimsuit make it more fun and easier to carry.

Anne Cole Bottoms Collection

The Anne Cole bottom wear collection is as fun and classy as the rest of the collections. The unique body-hugging design will make you fall in love with yourself every time you see yourself in their shorts or skirts. The high-waisted swim skirts or the high-waisted bikini skirts have never gone out of fashion, and we predict they will rule the world for several other decades to come. Under such conditions, with high competition in the fashion industry for swim bottom wear, Anne Cole made their bottom wear collection a huge success. This is one of the most popular collections under the brand. The bottom wears are available in a wide range of prints and shades. They range from pastel solid to adorable floral prints to vibrant stripes and patterns. You can make your outfit look casual or sophisticated by pairing the bottom wear with the correct set of tops and accessories.

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One of the examples under this category is Anne Cole Women’s Alex Side Tie Bikini Swim Bottom. The bottom wear has great adjustability with a side tie. This bikini swim bottom could be paired with several kinds of swim tops. The hip portion is designed with cinch side ties. The bottom wear is excellent for casually hanging out with your friends and family on the beach. You could enjoy the view by the swimming pool too, in this effortlessly fun and chic bottom wear. Irrespective of your age or shape, you can now enjoy the comfort and support of the bottom wear while being in fashion.

Anne Cole Bottoms Collection
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The second example for the bottom wear collection would be Anne Cole Women’s Shape Control Skirt Bikini Bottom. This skirt bikini bottom wear has a unique tummy control facility that helps one get a sleek look without discomfort. The suit is usually kept in place with the help of the silicone beading pattern inside the waistband. The control panels are designed with power mesh to ensure that comfort and style go hand-in-hand. There is a brief swim intended underneath the bikini skirt. This gives protection and makes it trendier. The product is high-waisted to provide a flattering and fun look to the attire. Women of every shape and age can now move around in style and with great ease.

Anne Cole Plus Size Collection

Fashion is no longer limited to women with particular body shapes. Anne Cole, the iconic brand, has created designs that would suit women of every age and shape. Every woman deserves to feel confident and loved in their skin. To ensure that each woman can embrace their curves, Anne Cole has developed their Plus Size collection that sports unique sets of Swimsuits, Bathing Suits, tankinis, bottom wear, etc. The swimsuits include one-piece swimwear. There is a size guide that one might need to follow to find their perfect fit. One can now get to choose from a wide variety of swimwear under this collection. The designs range from simple solids to vibrant shades to cute prints and quirky stripes. Each design ensures coverage and support, often to varying degrees. The flattering cuts and shirring add to the look. You can accessorize your swimwear with body pieces of jewelry or a simple yet sophisticated cover-up. 

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Some of the products are under the new arrival section or even under the bestseller collection. One of them is the Anne Cole Women’s Plus-Size Halter Swimdress. This swim dress from the plus-size collection of the brand has solid twist fronts. The shirring on the side gives it a flattering look. This plus-size line has an underwire that supports the body whenever needed. This gorgeous swim dress is designed with an underwire that provides extra support to the body and ensures ultimate comfort. The thick straps also add to offering support while keeping the style in mind. Thus, full coverage is ensured for each woman, along with a hint of sophistication in the swim dress. 

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The other example from the plus-size collection would be Anne Cole Plus-Size Twist Front Bandeau Tankini Swim Top. This Anne Cole plus-size bandeau tankini sports a solid twist front. To add to the flattering look, the designers have come up with the idea of shirring the side. The bandeau swim top has molded sewn in cups. Extra support is ensured through the silicone beading design. The straps of the swim top are both adjustable and removable. This ensures the maximum level of comfort and support, along with keeping the style in mind.


Anne Cole herself strongly believes that nobody has a bad figure. She says every person is perfect in terms of body and looks, with their beautiful curves. It is just that they own bad swimsuits. So, in an attempt to create the most beautiful, suitable, and body-hugging range of swimsuits, Anne Cole has been working hard. The brand has struggled a lot Today, it is one of the top swimwear brands globally, and we hope to see a more creative, comfortable, and stylish range of swimwear from this legendary brand.

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