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Wireless Wand Massager 4

Mini Wireless Wand Massager Handheld Waterproof + Powerful Motor and High-Quality Silicone Great for Therapeutic Massage and Relaxation 20 Vibration Patterns and 8 Speed

This Apowand Cordless Mini Wireless Wand Massager is a battery-operated silicone vibrator able to strong vibrations and delay pills work to avoid a control; however, one of the wheels instantly increases or lessens the speed from the vibes.

Although Mini Wireless Wand Massager is stated to become a waterproof vibrator, you might like to utilize it within the shower before exposing it to the depths of the bath. The battery compartment includes a silicone band around it and can endure underwater exposure, but would the wheel control endure underwater? In addition, the sensational texture from the shaft adds some extra stimulation for transmission.

Wireless Wand Massager
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Wireless Wand Massager 1
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One key benefit of the Mini Wireless Wand Massager waterproof vibrator is that it’s made from dependable silicone and can be easily sterilized. The shaft is flexible enough to adapt for you while inside and never feel uncomfortable – this is helped because the end is narrow at ” and broadens to at least one.5″, making it simple to insert for beginners. It feels right, with five insertable inches – not very big and never not big enough. If you are searching for a realistic dildo, this isn’t it; our prime Roller does not make you believe you are sensible unless your lover has vibrant pink and black combination privates, which is unlikely.

Wireless Wand Massager 2
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E since the vibes it provides are effective and come in waves, particularly when on max. You can sense the experience in the heart of the shaft. You keep cranking the wheel to alter the vibe. There aren’t any vibrating patterns; Mini Wireless Wand Massager increases in intensity. An excellent factor relating to this waterproof vibrator would be that the lighter vibrations are ideal for teasing and foreplay, as the greatest vibrations are ride high. The vibes also reverberate superbly through the entire toy, which is nice and quiet.

More Cordless Mini Wand Massager Choices:

  • Modes :powerful without noise, with 10 vibrating patterns you will definitely find one that fits your need.
  • Waterproof Design:Waterproof ,Food-grade silicone, super soft massage head.
  • Portable Cordless: USB charging cable included,Over 1.5 hours of usage per charge!
  • Head Design:Super Flexible Massager Head,This design makes it possible to relieve your muscle tension from sore neck,shoulders, back, legs and down to feet.
  • Mute Design : This massager uses silicone to wrap the whole body, which is not only waterproof but also has a noise of ≤50 dB
  • Cordless & Rechargeable -The hand held massager is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery. No need to plug in while in use. It’s compact, cordless that allows you to massage anywhere on-the-go. You can enjoy the massage at home, office, or car, airplane and on the long trip, etc. anywhere & anytime. (The battery can lasts for approx. 80mins on a full charge, and it is safe to use while charging)
  • Percussion Massager - The massagers for neck and back is built in powerful vibration motor that can produce a very good deep tissue percussion massage. It relieves muscle by putting mild pressure on the knots and sore muscles which brings relaxation through out the body.
  • Heat Therapy - The back massager has a heated massage feature,sooth away the body daily in the comfort of your own home at any time using the heat,infrared light. It will spread warmth on the body to effectively relax tension and knots that built up in your muscles throughout the day.
  • Versatile Use - The massager with heat features 4 interchangeable massage heads, 3 automatic massage modes and 3 adjustable speed settings, allowing you to customize and modify each massage stage to your liking. It provides a soothing massage for every part of the body and can be applied to the neck, shoulders, back, waist, arms, legs, feet, etc. to relieve muscle tension, soreness.
  • Ideal Christmas Gift - This handheld body massager is lightweight and compact design, it will be a perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift to your loved ones, to your wife, mum,father, friends,etc. Whether you experience lower back tension, sore calves, or tight thighs, this massager can help you to feel your best.
  • Full Body Relaxing: Seven Wand Patented Design. The electric percussion massager provides various deep tissue massage experiences like that of a real masseuse; well promoting stress relief with full body massage on such body parts as back; foot; arm; muscle; leg; calf; neck; shoulder; elbow; and thigh; also has proven to improve blood circulation.Whether you want a relaxing massage experience or a deep tissue massage, the electric massager wand will leave you feeling very satisfied and relaxed.
  • Adjustable Speeds& Vibration: With 20 stimulating vibration patterns and 8 powerful speeds to choose from. Whether you prefer a gentler massage experience or an intenser one; simply press the button; and an intensity level that meets your demand could be selected; all you need to do is to sit back; press the buttons and simply let your stress melt away; fast-acting relief meets convenience with the percussion body massager.
  • Super Flexible Massager Head: Bendable neck for flexible massage action as you need; its small comfortable size makes it easy to carry, you can enjoy it whether traveling or at home. With design on silicone, it will make you feel extremely comfortable to hold in your hand.
  • Powerful Motor & & USB Rechargeable: Great motor with extremely powerful up to 5800 rpm, with built in 400mA lithium battery, this rechargeable charges really quickly using a USB charger in 1.5 hours max . Best for your healthy life.
  • Perfect Gift: This handheld body massager is lightweight and compact design, it will be a perfect gift to your parents,family,elder for their health life. It can benefit people with neck or back pain; muscle fatigue; and people with knee or shoulder injuries and so on.

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