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Victim of Fashion

Everyone wants to flaunt those curves and look petite in the dress they found on a glass rack but do we realize what mistakes are we making while choosing clothes? Although some dresses look hip and chic but are they age-appropriate or for your body type? Women usually don’t ask themselves these questions because they want to look young and vibrant no matter their age. What you don’t know is that you might become a Victim of Fashion. Keeping up with circulating fashion trends is one thing, but wearing uncomfortable and inappropriate clothes just for the sake of looking young is another. Women want to push their boundaries and experience a little funk and edgy side of fashion. This is why they tend to try on anything that seems attractive, resulting in a fashion fail.

Your style is the image you hold in front of others because what you wear defines your individuality. When you reach your 30s, the trends of a lower age racket than yours seem very attractive because you also want to look youthful. Women need to understand that achieving this age doesn’t mean they can’t dress up or the clothing options have narrowed down.  Almost every woman has flaws in her figure; don’t let those glossy magazine covers get the better of you. You on your own are beautiful because you are God’s creation, and he never falters. Clothes are made to help you disguise your flaws and transform you into a charming lady. You often start becoming voluptuous and bulky, but that shouldn’t define you or give you an excuse of dressing up the wrong way.

Fashion Victim
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Dressing up should be about making you feel glamorous rather than impressing people. Understand your style and how it represents you; this will help you choose your clothes wisely. Start wearing something that flatters your calves rather than something that exposes your thighs; this way, you get to look sensual but still not too exposed. Work with dresses that complement your curves, and never stay back with accessories. They spice up your whole and give a young vibe that you always need. Your whole outlook should have each element connected so that you look sharp and modern.

Unveil your femininity rather than the desire to look young because dressing up is not about portraying yourself as flashy and juvenile. It is about celebrating what you have and what you can use at this age. When we dress up, we feel good from the inside because we perceive ourselves as the best version of ourselves. This is an instant confidence booster because she can walk held up high when a lady is in her best attire. Please keep it simple and give softness to your ensemble rather than adding many details that block your body frame. If you want to go for an intriguing appearance, choose something that is not that drippy but fits your shape. Once you realize how your body needs to be handled in a specific outfit, you will never have to enter the fashion territory as a victim.

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