Best Merino Wool Leggings for Women & Men

Best Merino Wool Leggings for Women Men

If you purchase one of our affiliate links, we could receive compensation through Amazon, REI, and other retailers. Please find out more about our affiliate and editorial policy here. Merino wool leggings make a hiker’s most trusted companion. And they’re great for more than just walking across the woodlands. A good merino wool leggings can help wick off sweat and keep you warm when they’re soaking wet and can be as comfortable as a cozy blanket by the fireplace. Merino leggings made of wool are a popular piece of clothing in the legs of all outdoor fans of every kind. They’re a crucial part of the backpacker’s kit and are perfect for lounging around an icy backcountry lodge (or maybe in your private lounge room).

Midweight Merino wool leggings
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Merino Wool is the Best

A few people haven’t tried the merino wool clothes yet. The fear of itching is a constant in their minds, causing beliefs rooted in itchy holiday sweaters from decades past. The thought of the old and squishy sweaters gives chills down my spine. Gah! However, merino wool is more gentle than the poor-quality wool used. Most merino wool products are free of itchy fibers or scratchy seams. The standards for clothing are set at the highest standards these days, specifically for sportswear for outdoor use.

Co op Merino Midweight Merino wool leggings
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Modern leggings made of merino wool are hot as well as comfortable. One of the unique characteristics of merino wool that makes it sought-after outdoor clothing is that it will continue to provide insulation even if it is soaking wet. Merino wool also absorbs water and dries out. These elements and many more make the merino wool leggings an excellent option for hikers and other outdoor fans. They can be worn while walking, lounging, or even sleeping. They’re a highly versatile piece of clothing and are an excellent option to add to your wardrobe.

The Most Merino Wool Leggings

We’ve compiled a list of the top Merino wool leggings suitable for both men and women and kids for your perusing pleasure. So if you’re searching for lightweight summer leggings or warm winter leggings, or comfy sweaters made of merino wool for lounging around your home, There’s a pair of them in this selection to suit you.

Merino Midweight Merino wool leggings
Image source: REI

Value Pick

REI Merino Midweight Base Layer

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Ultrafine Merino Wool tights

Removes sweat and odor while also preventing chafing in cold weather.


Combining the best price with high-quality construction, very few outdoor brands can beat REI. That’s the reason they’re the REI Co-op Merino Midweight Tights are added to our list. These are great wool leggings for women at an affordable price. There aren’t any frills that can be found in these leggings. However, REI ensured that they made sure that they were essential. They are constructed from 100 100% merino wool, ensuring that they’re as comfortable and insulating as possible. They’re versatile and suitable for all four seasons as a mid-weight layer.

REI Co op Merino wool leggings
Image source: REI

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The waistbands low-profile was created to facilitate layering. The seams with a low-bulk construction also aid in making layering easier and also reduce the chance of itching or chafing that can otherwise occur. As a result, wearing heavier pants with these tights will not be a problem. The leggings are produced in a Fair Trade Certified factory, ensuring safety for workers and sustainable economic growth. Since they’re cheap and well-made, they could be ideal for women seeking high-quality wool leggings.

Ideal for Winter

REI Co op Merino Midweight Tights
Image source: REI

Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Tight

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High-performance leggings

American-made style and comfort that’s comfy to wear in the coldest weather.


The design is crafted with dual-layered protection from the elements The Smartwool Merino Sports Leggings are the most comfortable wool leggings to wear in bad conditions and cold temperatures. Rain, wind, and snow bounce off of their repellent surface. The leggings featured here have the lowest amount of merino wool on our list, with only 38% of the body and 54% of the paneling. Instead, stretchy knit uses a thread for its exceptional insulation and comfort. In addition, it uses other fabrics like nylon and polyester to withstand extreme winds and rain.

Smartwool Merino Merino wool leggings
Image Source: REI

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The merino-wool interior offers the skin a soft layer of your skin, separating it from the harsh but abrasive outer fabrics. The front panel on the outside covers a wide swath of the hips and legs with a tough windproof fabric that shields your skin from the harsh breezes. In addition, the leggings are coated with the DWR finish to guard against snow and rain. The pockets are located on the sides and back. They are practical.

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The zippers of these pockets are adorned with a reflective coating to enhance nighttime visibility and so have the zips at the ankle and other accents for aesthetics.

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The wide waistband and the interior drawcord for the waist provide a snug and secure fit on the hips that will not slip. Men’s and women’s versions of the Smartwool Merino Sport Tights are on sale. They are slim-fitting leggings that don’t differ between the male and female models, aside from the general design and size.

Smartwool Merino Leggings
Image Source: REI

The Best for women

Icebreaker 250 Vertex Base Layer

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100% wool construction of Merino wool leggings

The finest from the top: top fabrics, construction, and ease from a leading wool brand.

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designed to control your body’s temperature throughout the year, The 100 100% merino wool Icebreaker 250 Vertex base layer is, without doubt, the most comfortable wool leggings option for women. The midweight product by Icebreaker is perfect for cold and cold temperatures. They’re perfect for fall and winter walks, snowshoeing, and skiing. This base layer of 250 Vertex might be too hot for the scorching heat of a summer day, but they’re also an easy layer to wear on a chilly summer evening. They also offer UPF 35 protection against UV rays.

Icebreaker 250 Vertex base layer
Image Source: Wild seeds

The crystal jacquard design is appealing and offers a raised texture that is pleasing to feel and insulation. Made from wool that meets the Responsible Wool Standard, these leggings have been acknowledged as ethically and sustainably produced.

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They will feel and look good in these leggings for many reasons. Icebreaker has secured the fabric panels using flatlock seams that prevent friction. A gusset is fitted to provide increased mobility and ease of use. The brushed elastic waistband ensures an ideal fit for wearers regardless of size. They’ll be able to travel from the hills to the sofa. This is great since you won’t need to remove them.

The best summer clothes

Smartwool Merino 150 Base Layer

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Merino wool leggings Lightweight Performance

Multi-functional wool leggings keep you snug but won’t heat your lower limbs.


Those who desire the softness of wool in warmer temperatures need to look at the Smartwool Merino 150 Base Layer Bottom. Nylon reinforces ultralight insulation to give you the ultimate blend of durability and comfort. One of the biggest problems with ultralight Merino wool leggings is their intrinsic strength and durability. Smartwool has addressed this issue by using core-spun technology to produce these leggings. The merino wool fibers are weaved around the nylon core. This technique gives nylon strength and allows only the pure merino wool to be pressed into your skin.

Smartwool Merino 150 Baselayer Bottom Womens
Image Source: Clever hiker

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The fabric is a blend of 13 percent polyester and 87% wool; however, you’ll not be able to tell the difference between the two. The material is available in both men’s as well as ladies’ models are both available. Both are designed to fit snugly but comfortably and have a wide waistband with a merino liner for greater comfort. They are also secured using Flatlock seams to minimize friction. In addition, the male version comes with spacious bags and has an integrated fly for greater ease of use.

Merino 150 Baselayer Bottom Womens
Image Source: Clever Hiker

Men’s Best

Icebreaker Leggings 260 Tech Base Layer

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Men with high performance

Pure wool leggings that are designed to be flexible and strong for men.

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Icebreaker has again done it with this one for guys, but they’re for women. Icebreaker 260 Tech Leggings Icebreaker Tech leggings are made from 100percent merino Wool. They replicate many of the ladies’ Vertex Base Layer’s top characteristics, a fantastic choice. This is a more substantial jersey knit, well-suited to winter and fall outdoor activities. The odor-resistant and breathable knit can control your body’s temperature regardless of whether you’re sweating up a hill or enduring the cold downhill.

Icebreaker Tech leggings
Image Source: CyberGym

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These leggings also have Flatlock seams, a gusset, and an elastic waistband brushed to ensure maximum ease of wearing. In addition, a contoured bag with an easy-to-access fly has been added to enhance men’s comfort and convenience. The men’s leggings just don’t come any more comfortable than this. While they’re form-fitting, these pants aren’t restrictive. They can be the perfect solution for winter hunting, hiking, and snow sports. These 260-Tech Leggings are a breeze to layer under snow pants, hardshell pants, and camo, and they’re comfy to sleep in. They’re all-inclusive.

Icebreaker Tech Merino wool leggings
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Ideal for Kids

Icebreaker 200 Oasis Kids’ Merino wool leggings

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A flexible and versatile choice for the young ones

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It’s possible to say that we are customers of the brand after this particular model. However, Icebreaker takes the top selection for the second time in their s Icebreaker 200 Oasis Unisex Leggings. This is the kid’s version of the brand’s full-selling bottoms for the base layer. Although we picked more substantial leggings as our top male and female choices, we have to admit that the 200Oasis Unisex Leggings are the most versatile style of Icebreaker’s line-up. Their lightweight construction allows these leggings to work even in hot weather.

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Likewise, they’re suitable for colder temperatures and can be over winter’s harsh temperatures. Icebreaker is well-known for its high-end wool products. Its leggings made of merino wool are less itchy than others due to their almost seamless design. This makes the perfect choice for children.

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Everyone doesn’t want to have to deal with itchy clothing. Parents don’t wish to be in a camp with kids who constantly complain about their itchy pants. Icebreaker is a reliable, non-itch solution to this problem. The Icebreaker 200 Oasis Leggings are available for both men and women and are highly recommended for those who think our other top choices are too warm and heavy. The different variants of 200 Oasis feature the same top-quality Flatlock seams and waistband with brushed elastic and a comfort gusset, as do the other Icebreaker products.

Icebreaker Merino wool leggings
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The best of the Merino wool leggings

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Icebreaker Crush Pants as Merino wool leggings

These women’s Icebreaker Crush pants are our preferred choice to relax and unwind. They’re a combination of leggings and a sweatpant that provides a casual appearance and soft feel. They were made of 88 percent merino wool and 9% nylon, and 3% lycra. These leggings offer exceptional comfort as well as impressive durability.

They also have a slight stretch. In addition, they come with a substantial elastic waistband and an external drawcord which can be pulled to keep it in place during workouts or untied during Netflix binge-marathons. Two pockets on the sides have been added to help warm your hands or store your personal belongings. A tapered design on the legs keeps the shape tight to your body, unlike the bulkiness of more traditional sweatpants, and the ankles that are cuffed prevent the loose leggings from clogging your exercise shoes.

Merino wool leggings
Image Source: Territory supply


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Fashionable Wooly Clothes Merino Jogger Sweatpants

Men, the ultimate of casual bottoms must be the wooly Clothing Merino Jogger Sweatpants. They’re a range of wool leggings with a relaxed fit that is perfect for relaxing or working out and a layering option for outings in the outdoors. At a glance, these pants are like those worn by women, the Icebreaker Crush Pants. They feature a comfort leg fit, ankles cuffed with handwarmer pockets, and an elastic waistband with a drawcord.

wooly Clothing Merino wool leggings
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What makes them different from the fact that they are designed for males is that they’re a little heavier and come with a tighter waistband that can accommodate slim male hips.

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The drawcord and waistband with high stretch may be loose when the clock goes off; however, they still hold well and draw into a tight fit to get ready for an intense exercise. The pants are made of 95 percent merino wool and five percent elastic. They have a tagless inner and Flatlock seams to reduce the possibility of itching and chafing.

Helly Hansen LIFA Merino wool leggings
Image Source:


Helly Hansen LIFA Merino wool leggings

Men can also pick a fantastic option for wool leggings worth the price: The Helly Hansen LIFA Merino Pants. They are comfortable and light and are accomplished by their distinctive two-layer design. Combining a 100% merino-wool outer layer and Helly-Hansen’s exclusive LIFA fabric as the inner layer, Helly Hansen has created these leggings, which have been a cult favorite among snowsports fans.

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The dual-layer construction blends the insulating qualities of merino wool, and the ability to wick moisture from LIFA Stay Warm Technology. In addition, LIFA fibers are highly hydrophobic. So if you press them against your skin, LIFA fibers pull sweat and other water off your face into the wool’s outer layer, where it is quickly evaporated.

A spacious pouch has been designed to provide male comfort. Flatlock seams are woven throughout to provide a comfortable and luxurious fit. In addition, the quality of the technology and fabric incorporated into these leggings meets or surpasses what’s found in higher-end wool leggings made by other brands. As a result, they’re an excellent purchase, particularly for the cost.

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