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Are you looking for summer wardrobe ideas?! Summer is the warmest season, the scorching sun makes the weather extremely hot and humid. But you can look real cool even in this humid weather, if you manage to get yourself some elegant summer long sleeve tops. While choosing outfits for summer, you should remember some things like-

  • Sticking to cotton fabric
  • Opting for lighter color 
  • Choosing loose clothes 
  • Choosing the right clothing styles.

Women’s long sleeve tops

Long sleeve protects the skin from the direct heat of the sun and dust. Women’s long sleeve tops are now in trend. You can pair it with every possible outfit – skirt, shorts, palazzo, dungry pair, baggy jeans or even body hugging jeans. You can even pair it up with a saree of your choice and still create an elegant impression. You can find versatility while choosing your very top, because you will have hundreds of options like  – crop top, tank top, cami top, tube top, tunic top, longline top, peplum, bardot, kaftan, wrap top, tulip top, asymmetric top, cold shoulder top,cape top, cinched waist top, shirt style top, layered top, styled back, one shoulder top,  high low top, choker top,  hooded top, lace top, batwing top, bralette top, boxy top,corset top, collar top, halter top and so many more. These staple crop tops will help you up your style game and make your wardrobe more versatile and stylish.

Long Sleeve tops
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3 must have tops for summer

 If you are in search of some cool women’s summer tops, then you better go through the details of these tops- 

Basic Monochrome Tees

A black tee and a white tee are very important for your wardrobe. Also you can keep some colourful tees, like- baby pink, brown, burnt orange or mustard yellow  to keep your wardrobe more colourful. You can wear it with every possible clothing.

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These are really cool, super classy and can be worn with denim or casual jeans. You can wear it on a regular basis. They also come in versatile colors. 

Graphic tees

These are super comfortable and stylish. You can just tuck it under your jeans and get ready to go.

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Women’s long sleeve tunic tops

Women’s long sleeve tunic tops are  the most favourite in the world of fashion and trend. You can easily style up long and loose tops with leggings, jeggings, adjusted or skinny  jeans or denim, or  straight-legged pants. You can create an extremely flexible and blowing posture with style. You can find both short or long sleeve tunics, they will comfort you in the warm weather as well.

Long Sleeve tops 2
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Women’s plus size long sleeve tops

Women’s plus size long sleeve tops are in great demand in the warm weather of spring and summer. They are breathable, comfortable and create a vibrant look. They come with extended length too. So, you can surely style a plus size with skinny jeans. These tops are on the top of the list of both chubby and skinny women in summer.

Plus Size tops
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Long sleeve swim tops for women

Rash guard

Rash guards are a type of athletic shirt. They are made to protect your skin against rashes and harmful UV Rays from sunlight. To make them lightweight and perfect for surfing, rash guards are made with spandex and nylon or polyesterIf. The main difference between a swimsuit and a rash guard is in its fit.If you are up for swimming and also care for your skin, then Rash guard long sleeve one piece swimwear is a must for you. You can wear this long sleeve swim top for swimming, hiking and surfing, which literally means that you will have 3 benefits in 1 outfit.

Rash Guards
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Women’s winter tops

Cowl neck sweater

The cowl neck sweater has a drapey higher neck that generally gets folded down, it is more like the laid-back cousin to the turtleneck sweater. A cowl neck  offers you excess warmth and tenderness around your neck, without the feeling of being strangled by your own outfit.

winter outfit
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Turtleneck knit sweater

A turtleneck knit sweater is an absolutely versatile piece. It is also 23% more comfortable and cozier than other sweaters if it comes to a comparison. Since the late 1800s, turtlenecks have remained popular in the fashion world, and they continue to be a trendy choice. It is a must have for you for the autumn and winter when you’re searching for warm things for your clothing.


A pullover is basically a knitted garment to put on over the head and covering the top half of the body. If you are a couch potato, then a pullover is a must for you.

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Criss cross sweater 

A criss cross sweater is a multifunctional clothing. If you are always used to being in the limelight then you will love it. It is made of cotton and polyester, which ensure warmth in the cold weather.

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Women’s long sleeve t-shirts 

Tie dye full sleeve t-shirts

Are you bored with regular t-shirts? Don’t you feel like wearing them again? Then don’t stop wearing t-shirts, get yourself some tie dye t-shirts. They are best for casual wear in summer.

Skinny fit t-shirts

Skinny fit t-shirts are body hugging. If you are not into a loosely fitted outfit then grab a skinny fit t-shirt and pair it with regular jeans or high waisted jeans.

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Patchwork long sleeve t-shirts

Patchwork long sleeve t-shirts are suitable for not only summer but also all seasons. If you are fashion conscious, then hurry yourself to buy one now.

Buttoned knit t-shirts

Buttoned knit t-shirts are super cool for hot weather. If you love to wear a blouse then it is a must have for you. Grab a high waisted jeans or a mom jeans will also go well with it.

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Oversized long sleeve t-shirts

If you are not a fan of skinny fit t-shirts then a loosely fit t-shirt will express your personality. Oversized long sleeve t-shirts will look better with baggy jeans or wide legged jeans. 

Besides these you can also look for zipper ribbed t-shirt, henley neck t-shirt, ribbon sleeve t-shirt, striped full sleeve t-shirt, down collar full sleeve t-shirt, casual long sleeve t-shirt, mesh long t-shirt, trumpet sleeve t-shirt etc are now ruling women’s long sleeve t-shirts fashion industry. It’s a must have for your wardrobe.

oversized t shirts
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Summer long sleeve shirts

Satin shirt

They look super classy, rich and faminine altogether. You can wear it with a black pants for a formal look or with denim for a more casual look.

White shirt

A white shirt has versatile functions. It can be styled with a pair of regular jeans and that will create a casual look. Also you can wear accessories like- watch or hoops to bring a super classy look. You can also use it as a shrug over spaghetti and jeans. You can also throw it over a summer dress to style up.

white shirt
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Oversized shirt

Oversized shirts are best for using over a crop top or a spaghetti. It looks super cool over a top and regular jeans. You can wear it on a regular basis. 

Denim Shirt

You can find denim shirts in different colours, such as- faded blue,dark blue. You can wear it with a skirt or a pair of black pants. A bracelet would enhance the classy look. Denim shirts are best for regular use.

Denim Shirt
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Printed shirts

Printed shirts are super cool,super classy. You can wear it to college, hangouts or while travelling.

Besides these, you can go for checkbox shirts, flap shirts, knee length shirts, boyfriend shirts, ruffle shirts and so many more stylish summer wear.

Printed shirts
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Buying guide

Many renowned brands can help you  purchase your perfect summer collection with vast options. Local items do not provide quality products. And also you may not find all types of clothing in one place.  For a wide range of tops collections, you can look for them online.

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Summer is fun if you can enjoy it with confidence. Long sleeve tops are handy, they also help you to stay in style and keep your cool. We have tried to enlist the top collections, so that you don’t have to worry about choosing your summer clothing for your wardrobe.

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