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Self-love is an expression that shows appreciation for oneself. Self-love results from actions that help us in our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Self-love implies great respect for your happiness and wellbeing. Self-love means taking care of your personal needs and understanding that you shouldn’t sacrifice your well-being to please other people. It’s not something that you have to feel guilty about. These products and toys aren’t just for fun and to aid couples in finding new ways to increase their intimacy levels. Therefore, you can experience the pleasure you want from Bombex. Bombex brand any time you like.


Bombex has a goal to provide premium pleasure to everybody! Bombex provides high-quality products that can enhance and aid in a healthy life. Bombex is awash with all of the physical and emotional benefits of sexual wellbeing, including improved relationships and your overall wellbeing, while offering a relaxing and thrilling experience.

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With years of experience in the field of products for pleasure, The Bombex team is recognized for its award-winning work. They maintain the highest levels of expertise which produces products that you want. At Bombex, we’re pleased to provide well-made and robust vibrators that run on the most advanced technology.

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BOMBEX is a US trademark that is registered. Our products are made in an FDA-registered manufacturing facility. Beware of counterfeits made of low-quality and harmful materials or people who have used images from our merchandise. These are products for adults. It would help if you were aged at least 18 to purchase.

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Bombex G spot stimulator

The Bombex clit stimulator comes with three vertical points. The largest one is broad, and the bottom is as flat as tongues. The stimulator activates your 3 principal erogenous zones at once and offers unrivaled pleasure and a blissful sensation. The stimulator is a distinctive female-specific design for women who are having difficulty reaching the clit or G orgasm!

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Features & details

  • It features unique three-pronged Clitoral Bristles beads inside the shaft. It can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to activate the machine’s internals. This machine was specifically designed to work with your G-Spot. The sleek head is attached to the entertainment area.
  • The machine is made of silky and luxurious TPR. This Bombex rabbit vibrator provides you with the most delicious, delightful, and slippery sensation by showing its flexibility inside your body. It’s made of silicone that keeps your body warmer. It provides everything, from relaxation to relaxation, and allows you to enjoy the sensation of your gas as well as feel the body.
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  • The vibrator comes with a waterproof function that can help the time spent in your bath to make it more relaxing and comfortable. For instance, you could take it out in the tub when you shower. The waterproof vibrator is easy to maintain and clean to last long. You can ensure proper care and keep it in top condition to enjoy your time.
  • The sex lubes are safe to use since it’s water-based. You can clean the vibrator of your rabbit in warm water. You could use soapy water to wash it off, and it will be much more enjoyable to relax.
  • The product is discreetly packaged to protect your privacy. It also comes in a clear package so that nobody can comprehend what’s inside.
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Bombex set of combos.

Bombex set of two includes the lipstick vibrator, nipple teasers, clit-tickler, and masturbator for males. The sex toys are designed to provide you with high stimulation and fun. You can wear your lipstick’s vibrator and not worry about privacy. This product will bring you the most enjoyable experience and fantastic pre-games for the sensitive erogenous zones of your body.

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The Whole Set is a complete solution for Couple Use.

Lipstick Vibrator

This vibrator is all-in-one. The vibrator can be employed as a massager for your body. It will ease muscles and help with your recovery from sports. For example, the vibrator for lipstick provides relief from your tired back, feet, neck, back, etc.

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Nipple Teasers

Nipple teasers are gentle, flexible nipple suckers with strong suction, and they will enhance your experience and provide you with sensual pleasure by massaging the area. Nipple teasers create an intense vacuum, and they also pull and tease the most fun sexually erogenous area for you and your partner.

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This cute Clit-ticker accessory transforms your vibrator into a powerful and intimate massager. It is possible to feel the vibrations of the large nubbed brush of the Clit-tickler. It’s also an extension from the wand’s tip to your diaphragm.

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Male Masturbator

The male masturbator will massage your glans and make them keep them longer in the bag. Male masturbators will not be disappointed with its functions and features. It’s made from medical silica gel that makes the product soft and non-toxic. Additionally, the Granular inside that this masculine masturbator has gives the user the most pleasure and real-life experience.

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Lipstick Vibrator, a perfect toy

A small, super-powered vibrator that is designed as lipstick. It comes with 12 different vibration frequencies that add fashionable stimulation to your makeup bag. Furthermore, the 3 silicone attachments inside the lipstick vibrator let you find more pleasure in your bedroom.

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A quiet yet powerful motor

The supercharged motor that powers these products sends a strong message every time you touch it. It whispers to you and offers you an enthralling and thrilling experience you won’t be able to resist.

100% Medical Grade Silicone

Its ABS vibration of the case is extremely smooth and easy to slide into. The Medical quality silicone attachments are skin-friendly and non-odorless for your health, as well as simple to clean. The waterproof design allows you to relax in the shower or bath.

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USB Rechargeable and Simple Operation

The features of the Cordless massage make it an excellent product. Additionally, USB quick charging without any hassle. This means you won’t have to have a blast and reduce the cost of your battery. Finally, this is a complete product. All you need is a long press to turn on and off and a short one to switch between 12 vibration patterns.


The item is packaged discreetly to safeguard your privacy. Additionally, it is packaged in a clear package, which is a mystery to anyone who wants to know the contents.

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Bombex Lipstick vibrator

BOMBEX lipstick vibrator is a miniature massager that you can use at any time at work or in your private space. It’s a bullet-shaped vibrator to use in your personal space! If you cannot get away from your work-related stressor, you can use the small vibrator and head for the bathroom or to your car during lunch breaks. The BOMBEX lipstick will inspire you and provide your time a pleasant one.

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Lipstick Vibrator, the perfect toy

A small, super-powered vibrator that is designed to be lipstick. It features 12 types of vibration frequencies that will add fashionable stimulation to your makeup bag. Furthermore, the 3 silicone attachments on the lipstick vibrator let you look for additional pleasure in your bedroom.

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The quiet yet powerful motor

The supercharged motor that powers these devices provides an extremely powerful message at every stroke. It whispers and provides the user with an unparalleled and exhilarating experience you won’t be able to resist.

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Bombex vibrator for clitoral

Bombex luna’s clitoral vibration will bring fun and excitement to your intimacy and relationship to a whole new level. It is a mermaid-shaped design that will please you. It also has particular features that please the penis and G-spot regarding sexual activity. Additionally, the powerful motor gives you extra pleasure.

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The vibrator features 12 joy settings that work great with a remote that spans 15 meters. It is possible to relax on the couch or lay in the bed and give the remote to your loved one to share the fun and love. The motor is powerful but is quiet.

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Final words

Bombex utilizes only the finest quality products that are fully tested and are guaranteed safety when used in the most delicate zones. In addition, there are Bombex products that provide you with pure joy.

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