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Do we love bags? Of course, we do! Do we love fashion? That should not be a question. Do we want fashionable and useful bags available at a cheaper stake? SURE, we do! And that is why you would love this blog! Cheruty brand has become an almost common household name among various regions of the globe. Cheruty gives women bags at reasonable prices. This is one of the major reasons for this brand’s popularity. Women have come a long way and have been overcoming several hurdles every day, and in this rocky journey, Cheruty makes it a point to help them and support them as much as possible. This section will discuss the women’s bag collection of Cheruty, and you will love them!

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About Cheruty

Not to disappoint you all, but there is not much information on the brand. Cheruty is an Amazon Fashion brand. This brand was introduced on the webpage of the Amazon fashion category a few years back. We are not entirely sure of the year, but one thing is certain: the Cheruty bag brand is a recent launch by the megastar of the online fashion industry, Amazon. Amazon has been ruling women’s wardrobes for several years now, and they have yet managed to attract even more customers with the help of this lavish launch.

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Cheruty does not provide much to the Women’s wardrobe, but their contribution to creating premium quality bags at reasonable rates is a blessing for every woman. We women could get more obsessed with bags and boots than with people (and that is a fact!). So for the majority population of women, the Cheruty brand has been launched by Amazon. The brand has a unique motto of creating products that have a valid function and speak volumes on fashion. Cheruty works hard to create highly fashionable bags that can serve their purpose. 

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Women’s Bag Collection

With the basic idea of Cheruty to create stylish bags and of use to women, the brand has come up with two broad categories of bag collections. One of them is a collection of Backpack Purse, and Fashion Handbag is the other huge category. Let us learn more about each of them.

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Women’s Backpack Purse Collection

Backpacks are one of the trendiest collections today. Backpacks not only have everyday usage in our lives, but they also make a clear fashion impact. One of the best examples under this category is the Women Anti-theft  Backpack Purse; this is made of highly durable premium quality material with soft PU leather material. The leather material is responsible for providing waterproof texture and anti-theft properties.

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This tough yet smooth-looking leather material gives the backpack a simple and feminine touch. It is a medium-sized backpack, though you should pay attention to the given size chart for further reference. This is a highly fashionable backpack that could be paired with for almost any occasion. If we are to discuss the structure of this backpack, it is similar to almost every other backpack from Cheruty.

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Cheruty’s backpacks are one of the best backpacks ever produced by Amazon. The backpack comprises a compartment of one major zipper, which again has one more interior zipper pocket and two other interior slit pockets. Along with that, there are two more side pockets in it and another front zipper pocket. These pockets serve multiple purposes and are quite helpful for stuffing in your tablet, or smaller to medium-sized iPads and laptops, or mobiles. You could even use it for keeping important files, notebooks, etc., along with your small necessities like keys or water bottles.

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You could carry Cheruty backpack purses in more than just one way. You could carry them as tote bags, shoulder bags, or a regular backpack. Women of various ages could pull off themselves well in such backpack purses. It could be for a cute date with someone special, or for chilling with your friends, or even for going to the university as well as for traveling purposes. Overall, Cheruty backpack purses are the best, and every woman deserves at least one of them.

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Another example under this category is the Women’s waterproof Backpack Purse. Let us see some of the basic details of this item. This blue backpack purse also is made up of high-quality material. Much like the previous one and like every other bag from Cheruty, this premium-quality bag is made from PU leather. This nylon PU leather is highly resistant to water and provides a soft texture. This leather fabric is durable as well as pretty fashionable. The bag has smooth and secure zippers with anti-theft technology. The beautiful design is pretty useful for every woman, and it looks fashionable as well as trendy.

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The material of the product makes it long-lasting and enduring. If we are to discuss the size and capacity of the bag, it is vital to note that the backpack cannot carry a laptop or notebook or any such thing that exceeds the length of 9.7 inches. Other than that, you could carry various gadgets of medium size like iPads, mobile phones, portable speakers, some sort of remote, etc. You could also carry important papers, documents, stationery items, along with tinier essentials like keys or tablets or earphones.

The structure of this backpack also is a fine one. One main compartment has a zipper, one interior zipper-type pocket, and two other inner pockets. Other than this, you will also get two zipper pockets on the front. These pockets help in storing the items that have been already mentioned above.

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Unlike the previous type of backpack purse, this one could be carried in just two ways. One of the ways is the original backpack way, and the other is carrying it on the shoulders. One of the bonus points of this backpack is its adjustable straps. The shoulder straps are highly adjustable, and you could appropriately adjust them to carry the bag on your shoulder, using either the straps or just one of them.

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What makes this backpack more loved is that these straps could be changed with another pair of new straps. This makes the bag fashionable and more durable. You could carry this stylish bag for traveling, or in college, or even for dinner or brunch with friends and family. Overall, this bag assures safety, security, and style altogether.

Women’s Fashionable Handbag Collection

Let us jump straight into the other category of Cheruty Women’s Collection. One of the most selling and famous products would be the Cheruty Purses and Handbags for Women. One of the major reasons for its popularity as a fashionable bag among a huge population of customers is the ageless elegance. Cheruty wants to build more useful bags than just for showing off purpose. Hence, they use a material that guarantees excellent support and durability, which would stand the challenge of time.

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Often, brands with such a motto suffer in giving the bag the look and elegance it deserves. This is where Cheruty steals our hearts. The brand makes excellent quality products that look equally stylish and gorgeous. The material used here also is a faux vegan PU nylon leather that is cruelty-free and highly animal friendly. To top all this, they give features like perfectly golden straps of the handbag or acute bow at the corner of the handbag’s body.

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Though the name states as a fashionable handbag, workers of Cheruty see to it that these bags are tough and long-lasting. The handbags are extremely useful as well as stylish. They come in the perfect size. The extremely spacious handbag helps you carry your wallet, notebooks, folders, etc. It could work as a tote bag with zippers or shoulder bags. This bag is suitable for several occasions, from formal to casual to party events; this handbag is sure to rock your outfit and day. With such Cheruty handbags, it is easier to stay organized. The zipper pockets of the handbag help in storing small necessary items in an organized fashion so that you can find the items whenever needed. The separate compartments in the bag help women function properly in their everyday lives.

This fashionable handbag is a versatile piece of art that ensures the maximum level of comfort to the customers. This product is a must-have, and your wardrobe deserves such elegance. As discussed before, the piece could be used for various occasions, but we suggest teaming it up with a beautiful, shimmery party dress or a solid formal dress for a formal party or on a first-time date. Overall, this handbag will blow off every mind regarding fashion and function go hand-in-hand.

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The other product that is our personal favorite is the Cheruty Women top-handle satchel shoulder bag. This comes in a perfect capacity that helps in storing every little necessity. The bag is suitable for carrying on a journey for a general outing, from formal to casual events. From iPads to mobile phones to other gadgets, from smaller accessories to medium-sized water bottles, this bag might be able to store it all. Bring out the elegance and charm with this Cheruty handbag. Like the previous handbags, this one is also made up of premium-quality primary material, PU leather. This soft yet durable material brings out the style and charm in a simple way. It also provides a waterproof sheen, and the pearls give an edge to the product’s overall look.

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If we talk about the bag’s structure, it has three main zippers compartments and two other interior pockets. Other than that, two interior pockets are kept open and suit storing keys or cards. The back pocket has zippers, and the brownie points to the relatively larger magnetic buckle hide pocket. The bag showcases flat bottom features with gorgeous pair of studs stuck on the corner. This gives a classy look to the bag. It also helps maintain the shape of the bag by reducing the chances of wear-off.

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Other features commonly observed in such fashionable handbags are small strings of pearls being attached, cute little bow or solid patterns, and other accessories stuck on the handbag. In addition, this fashionable handbag is highly flexible in having adjustable straps. These shoulder straps are also detachable and help attach new straps when the old one loses its show. Thus it helps in being highly durable. Other than that, you could use this bag as a tote bag with a zipper, an easy shoulder bag, or in any other way.

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The last point to note here is their excellent customer service. The customer care at Cheruty is available 24/7 and is always eager to solve any minor to major issues with the product, shipping, or other policies related to Cheruty. As a result, you can roam around with this carefully manufactured three-tone fashionable handbag feeling safe and secure, anywhere at any time of the day. Hence, the above features keep this Cheruty bag stylish yet simple.

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Bags are an important accessory for everyone. However, for us women, they are way more than just an accessory to tone your look. With limited access to clothes with pockets, bags are our only hope. Women are almost blind on the street without bags. Bags help women store items of various sizes and various use. Cheruty serves just one purpose of crafting the best backpack purses and fashion handbags for women. Amazon’s fashion industry takes immense pride in its beautiful craftsmanship. We are certain to witness more categories of bags from Cheruty in the upcoming years.

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