Cool Fashion Tips to Look Fabulous in Your 30s

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As you age, the way of the life changes. Reaching the 30s is an important transition phase in women’s life, as the outlook towards many aspects changes, especially, the fashions statement and dressing style. This phase carry a lot of importance in your career and you have to look smarter as well as sophisticated!

Something that appeared too cool and hot in the early 20s won’t be appealing on you in the 30s! However, you can still look gorgeous and trendy flattering your impeccable style even in 30s. Here is the list of fashion tips to look cool and flaunt your beauty in 30!

Pick the flattering Jeans

This is a must to have in your wardrobe when you completed three decades of your life! Never ever buy the jean that doesn’t fit you properly. The important that you should consider is getting a best fit flattering jeans.

Rise and cut of the jeans influence the shape. While lower rise jeans are completely fettering, make sure that if fits your waist properly. No ripped or no torn or no distressed jeans!

Worry about wide hips? Get the wide leg pants or jeans to minimize the wider hips!

Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Short sleeve tops and t-shirts for all looks and occasions. It is the universal key item for any wardrobe, no matter what your style. Dress up your jeans with lace tops or peplum, or match printed jersey tops with suit pants for a slick office style.

Salwar Suits

When you are in 30s you cannot avoid wearing salwar suits. Still, you can make it very trendy and flaunting your style. A good fit well-tailored and simple patterned salwar suits gives you a sophisticated and graceful look.

Ditch those broad and clumsy patterned fabrics. Go for simple prints and patterned suits in fine and smooth fabrics. Needless to say cotton is women’s best friend, suitable for all seasons.

If you are gaining weight, choose dark shades like black, blue, brown, violet, etc which makes you look slimmer.

Authentic Handloom Sari

While no woman in the western countries fail to flaunt their beauty with an LDB irrespective of the age, women in 30s should have a handloom cotton sari. No other outfit can be a substitute to the poise, grace and charm as you derive by draping a handloom sari!

Develop a unique style

You may like to dress as if you are in 20s. Irrespective of the outfit that fits you perfectly, you won’t be able to look young. This is the phase where you can develop your own style that has a more sophisticated look and a signature statement.

For instance, go for a trademark jewelry that you will never remove – Bracelets or Bangles or a trendy watch.

Jewelry and Accessories

Accessories make a lot of impact in how you look and reflect your personality. Spend quality time in choosing the right accessories as you pick right outfits.

When it comes to jewelry, ditch the glittering ones and go for earthy or beaded or woody jewelry. Large beaded chains, ear rings and bracelets matching your outfits. Choosing pearls enhance your feminity!

Go for a new makeup regimen

Your skin make you worry about reaching 30s! Yes, not everybody is blessed with the subtle and glossy skin as they age! Age gracefully and beautifully with a new makeup regimen.

  • Get an eye cream to de-puff and get rid of dark circle
  • Don’t overdo with makeup
  • Choose a makeup that compliments your skin and your appearance
  • Make moisturizing your skin a routine habit
  • Stay away from direct sun exposure during the day – It accelerates aging
  • Use mild shades of makeup

Now minimize your eye makeup and concentrate on accentuating your lips. Don’t ever leave your pouts neutral, choose a quality, branded and glossy lipstick. Still stick to mild shades.

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