Do detox footpads work like everyone claims? 

detox footpads

Everything has changed with the modern lifestyle, and only a few people understand the real cause behind it. There can be great reasons to adopt everyday life, but there are also serious issues. The detox foot pads were introduced basically to counter-attack the unnatural substances created in the human body due to the modern living style. In this post, you will find detailed information on this product and what to expect from it. You would have heard about this product many times, but you would still wonder a few things about this, so read this post to clear such doubts.

Note- we include this note at the very beginning so you wouldn’t miss reading it. The detox footpads include chitosan, a selfish. If you have allergies, you should consult a doctor before using this product.

Why is this needed?

The process of detoxification occurs daily in our body. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle has become a threat to people, and it increases the unnatural substances in the human body to reduce the ability to detoxify poisonous toxins. Too much-processed food, stress, pollution, and all these can be stated as reasons. So human bodies don’t find a proper way to get rid of the toxins, and they cannot function in a normal detoxification process. If this substance increases, it may lead to chronic conditions and debilitating.

However, some symptoms are overlooked, and once the severe symptoms settle in, people start to worry. Suppose you witness symptoms like frequent colds, tiredness, feeling sluggish. In that case, coated tongue, poor skin, allergies, headache, bad breath, and feeling nausea right after eating fatty food or some other food indicate body impairment. So it would help if you were cautious about these symptoms.

So why are detox foot pads needed? It will help the detoxification process, which cannot be done otherwise.

Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

Detox foot pads typically contain natural ingredients such as vinegar, plants, and herbs. Dr. Gibson explains the theory that these natural ingredients give off infrared energy to improve cell function. The targeted toxins are ones found in our environment, such as lead and arsenic. The detox footpads manufacturer claims that the discoloration found on the pad in the morning is evidence that it has done its job of removing such toxins.

While no scientific evidence exists that the pads are not safe, all of the leading manufacturers of the detox foot pad provide warnings about using their footpads.

“No scientific studies have been published showing that detox foot pads do what they claim they’ll do,” writes Dr. Lawrence E. Gibson, a Mayo Clinic dermatologist, on the Mayo Clinic website’s Consumer health section.

What is this product?

What are detox pads? This is one of the fantastic products that has been introduced to the market. It helps the body to cleanse the unwanted substances in the body. This is worn at night, so your body can support the process in the best way. Most ingredients will extract impurities exceptionally well during the night. You should remove the pad morning and discard it. Also, bear in mind, this is just a product to cleanse your body, so this is not a product to treat any illness or disease. This wouldn’t prevent infection. If you face any health issues, you may have to consult the doctor.

Why is it the detox footpads?

The detox foot pads are worn on your feet for a reason—actually, not just one reason but a few. The foot is considered the second major part of the body, i.e., the double heart. It helps to return blood circulation throughout the system. So the natural pumping process is subdued due to the living style of humankind. If you can find the reflexology foot chart, you will be able to understand the reason why it is worn on feet. If you can Google or try elsewhere for a reflexology foot chart, take some time and analyze it. So you will understand the reasons clearly.

Can it be worn elsewhere on your body?

It is highly recommended to be worn on your feet, but still, you can gain benefits by wearing it on patches on the body. Anyone can wear the detox foot pads on a swollen patch. They work exceptionally well if applied on blood-rich areas, including hands, neck, temple, knees, and spine. It is better to have it on your feet, but you can have it elsewhere on your body if you prefer.

What is the time duration to have it on?

If you are an average person, you can feel the difference in 30 days, so it suffices to have it on for 30 days. But if you are suffering from chronic pain, it may take longer. When wearing detox foot pads, you should treat all the parts of the foot, such as toes, heel, and ankle. Some people might see a difference in one or two days, whereas it may take longer than expected for some others.

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