Fashion Trends You Should Try This Autumn

Fashion Trends for Autumn

Autumn is one of the most appreciated seasons for a reason. Not only is it the beginning of cozy nights with warm drinks under the duvet, but it is also the season for great fashion and trendy pieces.

So let’s try and declutter the fashion trends going around this season and hopefully help you make Instagram-worthy OOTD’s.

Animal print

Animal print is all over the place, but some of us can’t wrap our heads around wearing bold prints.

But don’t worry, there are no special secrets or magical recipes to wear this trend other than try and tone it down! Earthy tones and casual pairs of jeans may be your best allies. On the other hand, items like camel or grey coats or a simple white – tee can make a bold print much more wearable.

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Animal print can range from snakeskin leopard print to crock print. Hence, it leaves plenty of room for variation and creativity. Of course, you can go as loud or as muted as you want according to your preferences and personality, so do not hesitate to incorporate it in all of its glory through a statement piece.


Corduroy is not only a soft material to wear in autumn /winter, but it is also a very simple way to add texture to your outfit discretely.

Outerwear, pinafore dresses or caps: you name it! This trend is very easy to find in all types of items, and this season, wide-leg corduroy pants are especially in if you want to try something completely new.

If you’re not settled on spending a significant amount of your money on such an item, second-hand boutiques or thrift shops are the best places where you can find corduroy jackets or pants without really breaking the bank!

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You’ve probably scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest and seen bloggers wear some plaid suits and own it like girl bosses! So why don’t we?

Just like animal print, plaid is not an unusual fashion trend for autumn /winter, but this time, if you’re not comfortable wearing the traditional black and white or grey plaid, it is your season of luck! Plaid is now available in muted, neutral tones that are softer on the eye and can be easily adopted and paired with different wardrobe items.

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Chain print

Chain print fashion trends may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s high time to fetch that chain-printed shirt you saw in your dads’ closet because it has made a huge comeback, and we’re not mad about it! (Zara, 2018)

This trend may be the hardest to incorporate into your wardrobe without looking like a disco dad coming straight from the 80s; something that we can do is start small and gradually work your way up. Styling a chain-print scarf with an all-black outfit maybe your winning ticket to wearing that chain-print shirt you’ve been eyeing but are too afraid to try!

Fashion Trends

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Color monochrome

Last fall and winter, we’ve all witnessed the striking monochromatic red look rocked by different bloggers and celebrities but rest reassured for those who do not feel like wearing from head to toe red because it is time for brown envy!

Fashion Trends

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Some cool things about these fashion trends are that first; you can play with brown shades as much as you like to rock a dark-rich brown coat to an orangey-burnt type of brown top. Second, you may already own a brown knit dress that is sitting somewhere in your wardrobe!

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