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As the apparel industry keeps growing, demand for high-quality shapewear and trendy fashion is rising. Women seek that unique brand that will make them feel positive about their body shape and appreciate their inner natural beauty. The ability to meet the dynamic women’s body shape is challenging for most apparel brands. They may be able to make a bright and inexpensive design, but they can’t accommodate a wide range of body types. Coco Reef swimwear is a brand that counts most women. It is a strong brand and a collection that celebrates women’s natural beauty through designing and distributing apparel that allows women to flaunt their body curves.

coco reef brand
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As an apparel brand, Coco Reef creates high-quality fabric while strictly adhering to the customer’s needs. It is a unique apparel brand with reliable traditional undergarment support for its swimwear and classic contouring silhouettes, supportive bra sizing, and more.

The company came into existence in 1996 to provide women with swimwear that supports, sculpts and compliments body size. That aside! The company leverages reputable industries known for producing contemporary bra-sized swimwear tailored to meet the taste of a diverse customer base.

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Coco Reef celebrates women in a more honorable way. It empowers women by allowing them to flaunt their curves in a high-quality fit solution swimwear, and supporting a positive attitude matters to every modern woman who needs to keep her esteem high. As a result, Coco Reef bra-size bikinis and tankinis span from C-cup to G-cup with a size up to 24 W design that emphasizes the natural female figure. Its diversity in swimwear separates and coordinates bottom coverups offers every woman value for a fabulous look.

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The clothing brand also designs a Coco Reef contour, a proprietary label collection of bras-sized swimwear built in the same fashion as shapewear. Women can buy all their designs across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Coco Reef Bra Sized Swimwear 2021 virtual campaign For Flaunting Your Body Curves

Like other apparel brands, Coco reef invests in campaigns to popularize their brands and have a one-on-one encounters with their customers. Their marketing campaigns take unique strategies, unlike their counterpart brands which rely on physical roadshows. 

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In May 2019, Coco Reef swimwear launched a virtual brand campaign for legging bra-size swimwear. The cloth brand decided to popularize its brand in a “Flaunt Your Shape in Every State” campaign. The camping was for improving the brand’s publicity by providing an opportunity for their customers to experience a virtual adventure. It was a campaign that leveraged the digital platform to celebrate real women of all sizes and shapes from coast to coast and anyplace in between.

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The brand campaign invited a celebrity representative from the 50 states who spread positive words about women’s body shape.

The road trip kicked off with all the celebrities from diverse groups wearing the coco Reef swim, spreading the positive message that beauty is not one size fit. The campaign engaged all the women across the country and allowed them to post the best photos of them wearing Coco Reef swimsuits while tagging # Faunt Your shape with confidence. Consumers continued visiting their social media accounts to view all women of different shapes and sizes, and ages flaunting their curves.

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Their campaign encouraged every woman to appreciate their body image by admiring the celebrities from 50 different states who looked beautiful in the Coco reef swimwear brand. Their positive message about body image was an inspiration to all the women across the continent who felt the brand’s confidence that matches every body shape.

coco reef swimwear
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For quite some time, Coco Reef has relied on manufacturers making bra-sized fit solutions for the swimming industry. It has consistently backed the swimsuit industry since 1996. Their advertising has focused on relaying their objective to improve women’s lives by providing them with clothing that flatters their curves and boosts their self-esteem.

Coco Reef Swimwear Store and Website Functionality

Coco Reef focuses on helping women wear a cup size C and above to get a comfortable fitting swimsuit deal for their body shapes. Their selection includes the Tankini, traditional bikini, coverups, one-piece bathing suits, and other longer-size options.

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Their website presents the swimwear in the perfect color and natural design for easy viewing. You can get a real picture of the quality offered to customers. With a simple click on an item from their website, the page opens for clear viewing of their product specifications. Shoppers can leverage the top navigator and start shopping for various new arrivals, styles, collections, top and bottom, coverups, outlets, one-piece swimsuits, or plus size. On the top left side of the website screen, you can sort the results according to the available cub size, brand, style, price range, and color options. Every collection contains a guide for seizing to help the customer choose and order the best fit suits.

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It is common to fail to fulfill your desire when buying clothes and other fashion accessories. Maybe you may, by mistake, make an order that is undersized or oversize. Rather you may change your mind about color and design. Coco Reef cloth brand has a friendly return package for its products. The company will accept the return for new non–outlet swimsuits within 30 days after purchase. The customer is, however, responsible for the cost of returning the product to the store. The return policy does not guarantee cases such as after wearing the swimsuit proves unsatisfactory (for instance, searching out or breaking down quickly due to exposure to chlorine). Though the company offers a return package, most buyers never complain about the suits they buy from the company.

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The only negative comments Coco Reef received from their customers were related to its prices. Some swimsuits retail at less than $100. However, Coco Reef offers a similar product between $100- $ 200. More specifically, their renowned swim separates such as bottoms and bikinis. The good news about their prizes is that there may be a time to post offers. You may find discounted offers on the product, shipping, and more. Such offers make buying from Coco Reef more affordable.

Swimwear for womens
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When shopping for this well-known clothing label, remember that Coco Reef does not sell swimwear for men or children. Swimwear designed for sports events like triathlons and lap swimming may be unavailable.
Coco Reef is the perfect alternative for ladies who need big cup sizes and appreciate the most modern, flattering swimwear.

Coco Reef Brands Categories 

When appearing stylish, the size and form of your body at birth are mostly irrelevant, but the clothes you choose to wear greatly impact how you come across to others. Coco Reef has a continuous campaign aimed at enhancing women’s agency via the use of its goods.

Bra Sized Bikini Top
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It all begins with what you feel from the inside. Coco Reef builds your self-esteem and confidence by providing what matters for your body shape and size. From the bra-sized swimwear category, Coco Reef offers high-quality bra-sized bikinis, tankinis, and one piece that ranges from C- Cup to G-cup and with a Size of up to 24 W. The common examples of swimwear from Coco Reef that empower women to flaunt their curves include Coco Reef Enrapture Bra-Sized Bikini Top, Coco Reef Bra-Sized Bikini Top, and more.

Coco Reef Tops

Regardless of your size Coco Reef has a bra-size Tankini top for your shape. It offers more coverage as a figure-flattering swimsuit option. For mix-and-match swimwear, Coco Reef offers solid Tankini as the best selection. It’s stylishly printable and contributes to fashionable flair on a beach day. 

tankini tops
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Buy an underwire tankini for the additional support and one swimsuit for varying styles. Get bandeau tankinis for the lines –less tanning. The Coco Reef bra-sized tankinis enable you to find your perfect match.

Coco Reef Bottoms

Coco Reef swimwear offers a variety of brands from top to bottom. A collection of great-fitting swim bottoms compliments a variety of the coco reefs bra-sized swimsuits. You can mix-match them with your favorite coco reef tankini top or bra-sized bikini for an appearance that matches your style. There is a variety to select from if you are on the beach or lounging at the poolside.

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High Waisted Bottoms

Shop from flirty high-waist swim skirts to flattering high-waist bikini bottoms, or select some popular Coco Reef bathing bottoms.

Swim Skirts & Skorts

The coco Reef swim skirts and skirts are designed for feminine and flirty swimwear bottom options. Of the available options, skirted bikini bottoms are the best. From this category, go for various stylish bathing suits with a skirt or add a high waist swim skirt and swim skirt to your collection.

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Cheeky Coverage Bottoms

Coco reef swimwear bottoms include cheeky coverage bottoms. They allow you to show your assets in a cheeky bikini bottom, which features high legs, high cut, and high-waisted cheeky bikini bottoms.

Moderate to Full Coverage Bottoms

Coco Reef offers you moderate coverage bikini bottoms to full coverage swim bottoms that allow you to enjoy comfort and feel confident in style.

Full Coverage Bottoms
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Shapewear bottom 

Coco Reef swimwear patented shape maker lifts your bottom to modify your figure and smoothes your curve for a classy look. Examples of the outfits under this category include tummy control swimsuits, coco contours, shapewear bottoms, and more.

tummy control swimsuits
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Coco offers endless options for flaunting your shape. Several selection styles include high waist bikini bottoms, side tie bikini bottoms, swim skirts, cheeky bikini bottoms, new trendy swimsuit bottoms, and more.

All the shapewear bottoms come in different colors, shapes, and patterns for all seasons. Reversible bathing suits and solid bikini bottoms are a fun way of mix-matching swimwear. The Stylish prints contribute to the fashionable flair at beaches and resorts.

One piece

one piece swimsuit
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One-piece swimsuits are the currently trending outfit from the Coco Reef clothing brand. The bathing suit doesn’t necessarily need to be covered up -Just a simple swimsuit. Their bra-size swimsuits are trendy and fun. Their one-piece bathing suits are flirty ruffles and create a one–of–kind swimwear that makes you noticeable at the breach. If you need additional support, choose underwire one-piece swimsuits for a perfect match.


Swimsuit coverups take your casual appearance to a classic look. If you are not soaking up in the sun, the coverup should be your option for wearing from the beach to a boardwalk. The stylish beach covers up are convenient and easy to wear. Just throw it on and go. The convertible beach coverups allow you to change your look effortlessly. The Coco Reefs chic swimsuit coverups take your look from simple to classy.

Swimsuit coverups
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Plus size

Coco Reefs understands the need to provide a perfect-fitting swimsuit. Women differ in their body size and shape. The coco Reef’s extensive body collection caters to every woman’s body shape needs. Their bra-sized plus-size tankini tops are in varieties of color and print options that stand out on the shoreline. The swim-size skit and size bikini bottom allow you to choose how much or little you wish to show off. The plus size swimwear provides a perfect option for what you need to wear everywhere.

plus size swimwear
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Coco features a flaunting collection for women of all body shapes and sizes. Celebrate it with the capsule swimwear collection in the sexy silhouettes you have flaunted. They have a perfect design to allow you to show off your curves.

Final thought

Coco Reef products have carved out a special market niche for themselves globally, even though there are many other apparel brands accessible. The value they bring to their customers is exemplary, from their brands to their services. Their organization of online stores is up to date with easy navigation through their available product categories.

girls swimwear
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In all its collections, Coco Reef swimwear has strived to live by its mission of empowering women by promoting positive body image. Coco Reef has a wide range of swimwear collections to flaunt your shape. You can feel your wardrobe from top to bottom. Their product comes in various colors and shapes to mix and match your desired options. You buy from their collection to transform your general appearance into a classy and trendy look anywhere.

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