High Street Fashion – Tips To Make Yourself Look Exclusive

High Street Fashion Tips

Love fashion, but your budget does not stretch further than the high street? It does not matter if your wardrobe is more variety store than designer once you know how to shop savvy, and our fashion team knows specifically what you should be looking for.

You do not need to buy anything new to give your wardrobe an expensive-looking edge. Instead, get that luxe look nailed with our expert consultancy on how to style your way to a better-looking wardrobe…

Choose styles with small, intricate details.

Search for minor details to make your high-street buy a standout. For example, this blouse includes simple detailing to the shoulder, making it look more worthy of a designer price tag than its affordable high-street one!

Tie a printed scarf around the handle of your bag

Accessories add an edge & a simple styling trick like tying a scarf around the handle of your bag could be the difference between looking high end & high street.

Opt for pewter over silver

Embellishment & sparkle lift every day, and pewter always looks much more expensive than silver.

Don’t ignore the ‘classic’ buys

A classic striped shirt with an excellent cut, fabric & neat front pockets looks the business. Are you sure you are not carrying a designer?

Choose indigo denim

Owing to modern technology, fabric and the high street are picking up the pace of denim. As a result, Indigo instantly looks more finished, and this knee-length skirt falls at exactly the ideal point.

Try suede instead of leather

The high street makes great suede pieces at a fraction of the price of its designer counterparts. So take advantage & embrace this season’s must-have texture and consistency.

Choose simple, structured bags

Handbags must have a classic and simple shape. If the fabric is faux, be sure it looks & it feels like leather; the high street is great at the saffiano-effect, that grained look that Prada is famous for.

Choose styles with print on the front and back

Prints should continue around the body & match up completely to the side seams; ones that do not are a dead giveaway.

Add some woven leather or fringe detailing

Steer towards designer accents; lattice- leather spells high-end.

Match your shoes to your bag

Finish the appearance with shoes that echo the lattice- effect. Matching your shoes with your bag is still quite definitely a ‘thing.’’

Wear one block color

Tone-on-tone color immediately spells luxury the high street is especially good at nude & putt shades. A bomber- elevates your style, but stick to simple designs to keep it looking sophisticated.

Choose structured pleats

Look for crisp, structured pleating inside heavyweight silk and crepe. Metallic skirts are having a fashion moment, & you can echo the designer styles easily on the high street.

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