How the color of your swimsuit determines whether you look fat or slim?

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The swimsuit season is finally upon us! This season does not need a special mention. Everyone is all set to welcome the summer with their color-splashing swimsuit, from celebrities to teachers. Be it hitting the Maldives beach or being invited to pool parties; the swimsuit season is the most exciting time of the year. Hence, finding that perfect, figure-hugging swimsuit is a difficult task. But did you know that even your swimsuit color can make you look fat or slim? Ladies, no need to panic because, in this guide, we will reveal to you all the color secrets that will make the waters hotter!

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The most common questions asked about swimsuit colors

What would color bathing suit make you look skinnier?

There’s no doubt that the darker colors make one look slim, ALWAYS. And by dark, the most common swimsuit color that would make you look skinnier is the never-off-the-charts black shade. However, this is one swimsuit color that never gets boring. Darker shades tend to minimize the surface area of the potions they cover and make you look thinner than usual.

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Name the most flattering swimsuit color?

There is no one particular swimsuit color that makes your body flatter. But, a lot has changed since the onset of neon shades. Yes! They are the most flattering swimsuit color, worn by every 4 out of 10 celebrities. And speaking of neon, Kylie Jenner’s Barbie swimsuit outfit is the one that lives in our minds rent-free. The neon pink fuchsia one-piece is undoubtedly one of the most flattering swimsuit colors you could gift yourself.

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How to make my bathing suit look less fat?

There are several ways how you could make your swimsuit look less fat. For example, going for a solid swimsuit color would make your bathing suit look less fat. But one of the most effective ones would be to take the risk and ‘plunge’ in. It would help if you considered wearing a one-piece with a deep plunge. This would accentuate the necessary curves and make you look less fat.

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What is the most slimming swimsuit?

Our favorite slimming swimsuit would have dark swimsuit color. In addition, the swimsuit could be strapless and with padded cups to give a bold touch. Finally, the swimsuit should have a built-in belly panel and a fabric to showcase a slim figure to give a slimming appearance.

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How can a person hide belly fat in a swimsuit?

Well, you don’t need to have to. But if you want to, you should focus on getting one-pieces with dark or neon swimsuit colors. Other than that, you could choose to wear a bikini with cute ruffles, small prints, stripes or tummy-panel inserted one-pieces.

Can high-waisted bathing suits make you look skinny?

Let us not forget how Marilyn Monroe brought a new trend to Hollywood with her high-waisted swimsuit. High-waisted bathing suits make your legs long slimmer, longer and your belly fat is out of focus.

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Are our one-piece swimsuits flattering?

One-piece swimsuits are always considered more sophisticated and flattering than regular bikinis. One-piece swimsuits make one look sexier and more attractive than usual ones.

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Should someone buy their swimsuit size smaller than the usual size?

Technically it would help if you bought a swimsuit that is one size smaller than your regular size. However, the swimsuit’s Fabric is such that the size will go up after getting wet. Hence sizing down is a must! One might think that buying swimsuits of a regular size or one size up will make them more comfortable. But the truth is, sizing up might make you look bulky. Hence, let the swimsuit hug your body under dry conditions.

What colors make you look tan?

Even after tanning yourself under the sun, if you want to look more tan, we suggest you go with a swimsuit color of bright summer colors or neon colors. The seabed color or neon orange could make you look tan. Hence, choose your swimsuit colors carefully!

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The Ultimate Swimsuit Color Guide to look like a Diva!

In short, these are the nine that would make you look slimmer in a Swimsuit.

The age-old stripes

The stripes can never go out of fashion! Depending on your body type and the swimsuit color, the stripes could go from thin to bold to funny vertical stripes.

50 shades of Black

As discussed above, from the Jenners to Jennifer Aniston, the black swimsuit color never ages.

Bright solids and Ruffles

If you do not trust your bikini-bod, have faith in your fashion instincts and go with cute ruffles or bright solid colors. Some might argue bright colors put your belly under the spotlight, but the truth is, it does not! Instead, super-bright shades make you look more confident and slimmer.

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Big No to Big Prints!

The big prints on your swimsuit will create a big mess. Try to avoid big prints on your swimsuit. It will not only make the swimsuit look bad, but it would also make your body look fat or, even worse, uneven.

Dark Colors every time

As already mentioned above, dark colors, in general, are the go-to choice of every person who loves to hit the beach or pool. However, dark colors inevitably make you look thinner. Hence, as beginners who want to experiment less, you could choose dark swimsuit colors.

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Plunge it Deep!

Wearing one piece with deep plunges might be a bold decision, but it is sure to work on every body shape. You could wear a neon orange one-piece with a deep plunging neckline and rock the beach outfit.

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Ruched Fabric does wonders!

Dark swimsuit colors of ruched Fabric are just what you need to make yourself look slimmer.

The lines are important!

Just as the swimsuit colors are important, the lines printed on them are important to determine whether you look fat or not.

Yes to Small Patterns & Splashy Prints

Crazy or cute summer prints are always welcomed! Contrasting to the big prints, small patterns in bright or dark colors will make you look thinner, no matter what.

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With the sexy beach pictures of Jenner’s flooding into your timeline, it’s almost time to take out those slim beach wears and hit the pool. But, wait! We have gained weight over the last winter! But, fear not, as we have the ultimate guide to make you look slim in your beachwear and have also revealed the best swimsuit colors according to your body type! Hence, enjoy the waters as much as possible without worrying about the extra pounds you have gained over the winters.

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