Korean Everyday Makeup Tutorials For Winter

Korean Everyday Makeup Tutorials For Winter

The popularity of Korean everyday makeup looks is steadily rising. With the growing success of K-pop worldwide, Korean culture has come to light in the global spotlight. With it, the attention has now turned toward Korean makeup. Korean makeup styles have everyone enticed. The flawless dewy skin, cute puppy eyes, and pouty lips have everyone asking: how can I look like that?

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If you are one of these people, or perhaps simply curious, you’ve come to the right place! We spent hours and hours researching Korean Makeup looks and watched numerous different makeup tutorials from the gurus of the Korean Everyday Makeup world. So what has been the outcome of all of that, you ask? This ultimate guide to the best everyday Korean makeup looks for the coming winter. From skincare down to ways to glam up a simple makeup look, we have it all on Korean Everyday Makeup Tutorials. After reading this guide, we assure you that you’ll have Korean makeup techniques at your fingertips.

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Korean Everyday Makeup Step One: Skincare

We’re starting from the root of all makeup tutorials, the skin. Korean makeup looks are generally sought after because they make the skin look flawless, with no blemish. But, what people fail to realise is makeup alone cannot be responsible for that perfect skin. Skincare is a massive part of the Korean beauty world. Their well-thought-out skincare routines mean that they look after their skin in a way that many people do not.

Skincare is an essential part of any well-thought-out makeup tutorial. Your makeup must have the right base to be applied on, or it won’t look as good as you want. If your skin is dirty, oily, or uneven, then makeup will not make it look flawless. You must first aid your skin, take the steps you need to make it better, and then rely on makeup to do the rest.  Korean skincare routines are generally quite extensive. Our skin needs thorough washing and meticulous care to keep its happy and healthy state, especially after all the strain we put it under. So, to outline the necessary steps of a Korean skincare routine, we’ve made this step by step guide for you:

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  1. Clean your face with an oil-based cleanser (for dry skin) or a water-based cleanser (for oily skin). This will take off your makeup and any dirt or sweat clogged in your pores.
  2. Clean again with a facewash. Double washing is an essential step in Korean skincare. However, cleaning your face once doesn’t ensure that all the makeup and dirt have been cleaned, so to double-check, use a face wash.
  3. Exfoliate your skin! This will remove any dead cells on your face. However, this isn’t a daily step, as exfoliation can harm your skin if done too much. For sensitive skin, only exfoliate once a week. If your skin is a little tougher, you can exfoliate twice or thrice.
  4. It is in a sensitive state after putting your skin through so much, so apply toner. The primary purpose of the toner is to hydrate your skin and provide a good base for the treatments you’re about to put on next.
  5. Apply essence. This is a step that makes Korean skincare stand out from other types. Essence is essentially a serum/toner mix that has a watery consistency. Apply it after toner to get that dewy look.
  6. Apply treatments. If your skin has particular problems such as acne scars or uneven skin tone, this is the time to apply problem-specific treatments to your skin.
  7. Put on a sheet mask. Sheet masks are a staple in Korean skincare, and you should try to use one at least twice a week. It provides your skin with essential nutrients to keep it healthy.
  8. Apply eye cream. The secret behind the doe-eyed look is extensive eye care which includes applying eye cream to the under-eye area every night.
  9. Apply a face cream. This will ensure that everything you’ve used to your face will stay locked in and moisturise your face. This is especially important in the winters when skin tends to dry up.
  10. SPF! This is an integral part of the Korean skincare routine in summers and the winters. Protection from the sun is vital in the making sure your skin remains healthy.

Korean Everyday Makeup Step Two: Primer and Foundation

Now, let’s talk about how to get that famous dewy skin we see everywhere. In Korean makeup tutorials, the emphasis is on looking natural and having dewy skin. The start of a makeup look is always primer. After you’ve gone through your skincare routine, choose an illuminating primer to put on. Wearing an illuminating primer will make your skin glow and give you that dewy look you want.  After an illuminating primer, it’s time for foundation! What’s important here is to keep your makeup looking very natural.

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Most Korean makeup tutorials use either a BB Cream or a cushion foundation. BB creams originated in Korea, so it’s no surprise that they’re widely popular in Korean makeup routines. They are light to medium coverage and do a decent job concealing light blemishes. As a result, they look very natural and are perfect for an everyday makeup look. Cushion foundations, similarly, originated in Korea. Their coverage is heavier when compared to BB creams, so they’re an excellent choice for those who feel BB creams do not provide enough coverage. Cushion foundations also leave the skin looking luminous. However, since they are liquid and oil-based, cushion foundations are recommended for dry to normal skin, not oily skin. If you’re used to heavy coverage, worry not! You can still use a lightweight full, coverage foundation that looks natural.

Primer and Foundation
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Step Three: Concealer and Powder

Contrary to popular belief, Korean makeup routines do not use a lot of concealers. The flawless skin look is achieved mostly by skincare and foundation. Even problematic dark circles are treated primarily by using eye creams. Also, Korean makeup looks don’t make a point out of concealing dark circles completely. An important aspect of Korean makeup is having ‘cute eye bags.’ Nonetheless, there are always blemishes we can’t fix, and concealer is a step in these makeup tutorials that we cannot skip out on.

Concealer and Powder
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Korean makeup routines generally use pot concealers. These have a creamy consistency which means they are not drying and are less likely to cause crease lines. Just apply the concealer where you need it, and blend it in with a beauty blender or a brush. Once your concealers are on, it’s extremely important to lock your base in with powder. Take a large puffy brush and a light tone or translucent powder. Puff the powder into your face, focusing on the areas where you put concealer. Once the powder has set on your face, congrats! Your base is done.

Step Three Concealer and Powder
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Korean Everyday Makeup Step Four: Straight Eyebrows

This is an integral part of any Korean makeup routine. A distinctive factor of Korean makeup looks is their straight eyebrows. Straight eyebrows entail a straight brow with a slight arch at the end. Before opting to do the straight eyebrow, make sure you’re a hundred per cent confident about it since it involves changing the shape of your brow. You’ll have to get a light brow gel, powder, or pencil and outline the shape to get the straight brow look. Once that’s done, you can attempt to pluck, thread, or wax away stray hairs to get a straight brow shape. We recommend that you only do this if you have experience shaping your brows before. If you don’t, it’s better to go to a beautician and get your eyebrows done professionally.

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Once you have the shape done, fill in your brows with any product that works for you. Remember, the key here is to keep everything looking natural. So, don’t fill your brows in too much. Keep your strokes light and small; try to mimic what an actual hair would look like. You can work with the brows in whatever way you want, be sure to avoid boxed eyebrows!

Korean Everyday Makeup Step Five: Eye Makeup

The eye routine is quite a significant part of Korean makeup looks. Since Korean eyes tend to be slightly smaller, they aim to make their eyes look bigger and more prominent. To start, it’s important to prime your eyelids with an eye makeup primer or concealer so that your eye makeup sticks on well. Then, moving on to eyeshadow, choose natural colours such as browns and pinks for an everyday look. After applying a base eyeshadow all over, use a glitter eyeshadow to the middle of your eyelid. This will make your eyes appear larger than they are. Next, you can apply the same glittery eyeshadow in the middle of your bottom lashes. This gives the illusion of those cute eye bags we mentioned before.

Step One
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Moving on to eyeliner, most Korean everyday makeup looks to use the puppy liner. For this look, use an eye pencil as their texture is softer, and thus, it seems more natural and is better suited for an everyday look than a gel or a liquid liner. Also, it’s better to use the colour brown as, again, it looks more natural. Next, pull your eyeliner down and outwards from where your eye finishes achieving the puppy eye look. The picture shows that the eyeliner extends downwards and extends further away from the eye. This instantly gives you the famous Korean puppy eye look! The last step for eye makeup is mascara! Lashes are another vital part of Korean makeup. While most looks apply false lashes, for an everyday look, a good mascara is more than enough; it also looks more natural. However, if you’re worried that it’s not enough, you can curl your lashes before applying mascara; this will make them look longer and fuller yet still natural.

Step Six: Contour and Blush!

Contour isn’t a huge part of Korean makeup routines. At most, you can contour your nose to make it appear slimmer. Besides that, Korean makeup artists avoid using any bronzers or contouring products. On the other hand, Blush is critical to achieving a great everyday Korean makeup look. Most Korean makeup looks are centred around natural pinks, so try to use a pink or peach shade blush. Then, apply a good amount of blush to the high points of your cheek, enough to give you a rosy tint!

Korean Everyday Makeup Step Five
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Step Seven: Lips

Korean makeup tutorials introduce us to gradient lips. Gradient lips refer to using two different shades on your lips to make them look fuller and bigger. The lighter shade of the two on your lips to achieve this look. Instead of a light lipstick shade, you can use a lip balm and let the natural colour of your lips show. This is a better option for an everyday makeup look as well. Once that is done, apply the darker shade only to the centre of your lips. Then, using a lip brush or your finger, blend out the darker shade but keep it centred in the middle, and this will complete your gradient lips.

Step Seven Korean Everyday Makeup
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We hope this guide helps you perfect your makeup skills. If you follow this step-by-step Makeup tutorial, your everyday Korean makeup look for this winter is guaranteed to look amazing!

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