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Swimwear for girls

Are you still searching for a branded swimsuit to fit your body perfectly? Miraclesuit has brought some brand new collections which make your body self-conscious while wearing it. Inspired by some of the most famous and endless style icons, the Miraclesuit was designed only for women who love to flaunt their days in some catchy swimsuits. These clothes have some surprisingly flattering bottoms that properly hug every curve of your body and don’t show off just enough skin to make you uncomfortable. This bathing suit swims bottom caters for various waistlines with distinct shirring, instantly slimming, and makes some ultra-modern design details to look simply effortless and classy. It’s made with lycra extra life spandex for a long-lasting and perfect fit. If you still haven’t tried this brand of swimsuits, let’s flaunt your look today by buying some sexy swimsuits!

Swimwear for girls
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We all know the brand name Miraclesuit for its great swimsuits and swimwear. But did you know why the name is given as Miraclesuit? This is special because it makes you look 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds. This is more than just a tagline, and It’s a promise made by the brand towards their clients. The unique and innovative Miratex reg fabric made by the brand is three times larger than the ordinary swimwear fabric that remains in the body and makes you feel comfortable while wearing. This also allows a full range of motion while you are on the water.  There are no panels or linings in the swimsuits as the slimming, slenderizing controls the whole body. It would help if you saw to believe how the miracle is done.

Miraclesuit Swimwear
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 All Miraclesuit swimwear features sophisticated prints and is sleek, giving a contemporary styling trend and timeless. At Miraclesuit, they believe in curves. Strategic draping and shirring create an hourglass-shaped silhouette, which helps to highlight the best features from your body. This swimsuit is made for any body type and shape. Their collections now come fitted with varied bust support from soft cups, hidden underwires to foam bras, and so on. So, you don’t feel uncomfortable throughout the day. The company encapsulates brands like Magicsuit, Amoressa Swimwear, and Miraclebody.

The company was founded in 1927 as a quirky luxury swimwear brand. For 40 years, their vision of offering the most comfortable swimwear with the correct fit has only gone closer to reality. For 40 years, the brand has been churning out innovative swimsuits that add to the body’s contour, shape, and slimness. There are no unnecessary linings that add extra bulk. Instead, the fit is just comfortable and precisely as needed. Over the years, their designs and comfort level have only improved to give extreme support to women. 

Miraclesuit Swimwear
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Churned out of a 75-year-old family business, Miraclesuit became the first-ever women’s fashion control swimwear brand to hit the market. Their business goals and product line changed the very concepts revolving around women’s swimwear. Miraclesuit President Jay Feigenbaum says the brand has evolved to be miraculous for women and has evolved with bodily changes over the years.

Miraclesuit consistently grabbed the attention of top celebrity stylists, fashion magazines, and others. In the 2012 season, media featured the brand in multiple national-level fashion magazines, including InStyle, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Women’s Health. It was featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Wendy Williams, and Dr. Oz. Miraclesuit even gained Oprah’s attention when Oprah Winfrey revealed Miraclebody Jeans as one of her Favorite Things in 2010. Women’s Collection 


Miraclesuit Swimsuits collection
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Swimsuits are always in demand because of their look and trendy design. Miraclesuit is the most renowned brand of swimsuits, starting from the bikini, tankini, one-piece, and many others. This brand also provides bottoms to pair with tops and bikini suits. Let’s go through a detailed overview of this product to know more about this brand. 

One Piece 

one piece swimsuit
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One-piece swimsuits are always in style and trendy in fashion. As the summer is almost knocking at the door, let’s fill your wardrobe with sexy and body shapewear from the brand, Miraclesuit. Most of the swimsuits are incredible, sexy with modern touches like sultry cut-outs, romantic ruffles, and trendy prints that make them look sensational and attractive. It makes the body feel fresh and exciting. Miraclesuit Women’s Solid Control Sonatina One Piece Swimsuit is with 69%nylon and 31% Lycra Spandex, which contains some solid patterns. This is almost 10 lbs which is a lighter Miraclesuit. 

The brand’s exclusive Miratex fabric is slim and comfortable for the body shape without panels or linings to give complete body shaping and control. It also has a V-neckline that accentuates the bust line but never reveals too much of the skin. Soft cups provide subtle shaping, which helps to create an hourglass shape. The tummy control trims down the excess pounds of fat and slims down the physique, making the body look more sexy and attractive. The shirring style in the middle will cut extra pounds around the midsection, leaving everyone looking slimmer. Before ordering a swimsuit in the usual size, go through the most comfortable and slimming fit sizes suggested on the website to get the best fit. These swimsuits give great fits and are trendy because of their attractive and sexy look. 

Apart from this, Miraclesuit Women’s Lucky Strike Layered Bandeau Underwire One Piece Swimsuit made with 69% Nylon and 31% Lycra Spandex designed with top style strapless, bandeau, underwire design. The 10 lbs look lighter as it is made with fabric slims and slenderize, which does not have any panels or linings for total full-body shaping and control. Miratex fabric provides all-over body control, shaping, and slimming to every figure wearing their suit. The strapless neckline with silicone band stays in the exact place and has removable, multifunction straps which can be removed whenever necessary. The hidden underwire bras offer subtle shaping and support. The draped fabric slims design makes the body look thinner in the waistline and provides an hourglass shape. Before ordering, one must go through the size for the most comfortable and slimming fit. 

one piece swimsuit
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If you search for some newly launched and exclusive products, you can go for Miraclesuit Women’s Tummy-Control Underwire Bra One Piece Swimsuit made with 69% Nylon, 31% Lycra Spandex with underwire top style, and strap and scoop style. The 10 lbs are lighter and made with latex fabric that is much slims and slenderized without any panels or linings for total full-body shaping and control. This underwire bra helps lift the bustline’s shape but won’t reveal too much body from it. The solidly fixed straps are unique and give support to the body, and don’t dig in. Apart from this, the long torso design makes us look thinner, and the stomach looks flatter than the normal one. The lower scoop back looks different super-sexy methods.

Tankini tops suit

Tankini tops suit
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Aware of wearing bikinis in front of friends and family? We have a more straightforward solution for you that gives you comfort and a sexy outlook for your look that looks more attractive and gorgeous. Tankini tops are in high demand, which almost meets the same criteria as the bikini set. This comes with a tank top and bottoms nearly the same as that of bikini sets. This brand, Miraclesuit, provides some exclusive and trendy sets of Tankini tops suits, making your eye stuck within those products. 

Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear Vesuvio Peephole Tankini Bathing Suit Top made with 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex. It comes with a high neck design and almost looks 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds with the new style made by the brand, Miraclesuit. The peephole top comes with adjustable straps and a neckline that allows you to create a unique look. The soft cup bra also provides subtle shaping to the breast, and the adjustable straps don’t dig in or slip down easily. Sometimes the bottoms are sold separately, and sometimes it is available with the sets. The shark bite sides help slenderize the waist, hips, and thighs, which has some camouflaging trouble spots and creates a sleek, slim shape to every body shape. You must refer to the size chart before buying the product, depending on your fit preference. 

Behind this Miraclesuit Swimwear Razzle Tankini Bathing Suit Top has an underwire adjustable strap made with 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex with tankini top, which has acquired Underwire design and scoops neck style. The exclusive Miratex fabric slims don’t get any panels or linings for total full-body shaping & controlling design. The underwire bra with a scoop neckline is ideal for its style and has got most adjustable straps sizes. The foam cups with underwire offer support and shaping to the body. Buttons for this product are sold separately. The blue hardware has got some silver enamel detail which also added visual interest to the swimsuits. Draped layers of the dresses conceal the tummy, making you look sleek and slim throughout the day. Before ordering the swimsuit suit, keep it in mind to check the size chart for the most comfortable fit. 

Tankini tops suit
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From the above-discussed product, you clearly must have got some idea about their tankini swimsuits. Now let’s look into some exclusive collections from the same brand. Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear Casbah Bandini Bandeau tankini tops come with an underwire tankini bathing suit top with some removable straps on them to adjust whenever possible. This is made with 83% Nylon, 17% Lycra Spandex with Bandeau neck style. The brand’s exclusive Miratex fabric makes it slim and comfortable without panels or linings for full-body shaping and control. 

Tankini tops suit
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The draped design is quite flattering, with an almost loose fit that camouflages the extra pounds and instantly flattens the midsection. The bandeau style top is positive and has secure straps which stay perfectly in place. An underwire bra offers subtle shaping to the body. You can pair this top with any bathing suit bottom which you already own. The removable, as well as adjustable straps, are for the perfect body fit. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to buy the bottom separately to pair it with this.

Bikini swimsuit 

Bikini Swimwear collection
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In this modern world of fashion, bikini sets are the most common iconic swimsuits in the market. This comes in two pieces, with a set of bra and bottom. Bikini sets are most conveniently used in July, which gives a sexy beach look. Miraclesuit, commonly known for its swimsuits, also produces bikini sets, tankini tops, and one-piece swimsuits. Let’s look into some features of this brand. Miraclesuit Women’s Petal Play Bikini Bathing Suit Top consists of a D-DDD cup size bra underwire. This has got a hook lock system that looks 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds with Miraclesuit. The brand’s exclusive Miratex fabric makes it more accessible without panels or linings for full-body shaping and control.

The underwire bra top helps to accentuate the bust but won’t reveal too much while wearing it. The straight bra sizes provide an excellent and perfect fit. The bottoms are sold separately from this product. The adjustable hook and eye are made with a concealing coverlet sleeve. Another is Miraclesuit Women’s Retro Style Tummy Control Bathing Suit Bottom. The body is made with 68% Nylon and 32% Spandex, and the Drape is made with 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex. The shirring helps to minimize the hips and waistline size, which also creates an hourglass figure. The top and the bottom are sold separately. The moderate leg cut helps to elongate the legs’ look by making them look longer and leaner. You must get the size from the website before ordering the swimsuit in your usual size for the most comfortable and slimming fit. 

Plus size 

plus size swimsuit
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This brand is getting famous day by day now only because of its swimsuits because it provides equal amounts of products for the ladies and is the plus size Women. Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Size Swimwear is made with a sub rosa Sanibel sweetheart neckline with underwire bras and is available in one-piece swimsuits. This is made with 69% Nylon and 31% Lycra Spandex with some sweet floral designs. The exclusive Miratex fabric slims and slenderizes the panels and the linings for full-body shaping and control. The sweetheart neckline and an underwire bra offer good shaping and support to the breast, and the cleverly draped fabric conceals the tummy region with good quality material. This effortlessly slimming effect on the swimsuits in the midsection makes you look longer, thin, and leaner. 

Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Size Swimwear Basic Swim bottoms have brief tummy control high waist bathing suit bottoms that can pair up with any bikini or tankini tops. Miraclesuit looks 10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds after wearing. The complete control bottom has a high waistline for ultra tummy shaping. This tummy control is ideal for more voluptuous figures. The top is sold separately, which minimizes the backside and thighs. It slenderizes the hips and can be easily paired up with any style of swimsuit top. This is made up of 69% Nylon, 31% Lycra Spandex with a high waist bottom style.


From the above-discussed swimsuits, we clearly understood why the brand name is given as Miraclesuit. This brand creates magic whenever the ladies wear it. The brand never fails to remind the ladies why they are beautiful, whether zero or plus-size. If you are still figuring out where to buy your swimsuits, we can assure you that this brand product is the best genuine product for all the ladies. Let’s make your beach day special with this beautiful, attractive, and sexy wear from Miraclesuit. 

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