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PRETTY GARDEN womens clothing

The name says it all! It is not a brand that sells garden accessories, but the fact that it is a brand that produces a beautiful, colorful women’s clothing line. If you are currently fangirling on jumpsuits or tracksuits, may we suggest you give a thorough read to this blog post? This post covers the various products from the humble brand. PRETTY GARDEN produces one of the most unique and controversial clothing lines. PRETTY GARDEN has the most stunning of dresses and jumpsuits that you should add to your collection. The company has been doing great in terms of establishing itself successfully in the fashion industry. The brand has several groups of clothing lines, all filled with stunning pieces of clothes. They also sell unique parts of accessories. 

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PRETTY GARDEN has something pretty and fashionable for everyone in their closet. The company focuses on creating beautiful designs on soft, comfortable fabric that would ensure comfort to their customers and let them be in fashion, always. The stunning range of collections of the brand makes you feel a step closer to the beauty of nature with their adorable patterns and prints. Be it a shimmering dress for parties or a denim dress for brunch with family, every dress has a quirky touch. This makes them unique and different from several of its competitors. The brand with its pretty logo is famous for its range of magnetic and appealing products, like belts with other fabrics, a colorful range of dresses, pants, and pajamas. 

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The brand sells a beautiful line of delicates and lingerie. But PRETTY GARDEN is primarily famous for its premium quality dresses, tracksuits, and jumpsuits. There cannot be a single celebrity who did not show off their quirky, colorful, elegant dresses and figure-hugging jumpsuits in front of the paparazzi. From Julia Roberts to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, everyone owns a special something from PRETTY GARDEN in their wardrobe.

PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Clothing Line

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The clothing line brings in a range of collections. The collections feature different patterns or products for various reasons, like their famous and most awaited winter collection. Some of the beautiful collections that have stolen millions of hearts are the Cosmopolis and the Metropolis Collections. The Cosmopolis Collection features dresses and suits that have more culturally diverse prints and designs. The patterns and designs have more than one approach to creativity. The Metropolis Collection, on the other hand, has products that have a more formal design. The designs are more work-related and less focused on nature.


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The dresses are assets of the brand. Every design of the dress has been critically thought and created. Various types of fabrics are used, and each of them is soft and provides comfort to the body. Dresses could be casual, flowy, or lovingly body-hugging, elegant, or even a sexy bodycon for a date night. Be it any season; you will always find ways to wear a PRETTY GARDEN dress. This PRETTY GARDEN Ladies Basic Crewneck Belted Office and Party Slim Dress is one such example. This basic dress comes with a belted design, but you could casually wear it too. It is a slim-fit dress and is slightly body-hugging. This dress could be worn for a casual terrace party or a homecoming party. You could pair it with heels or wedges, and you are good to go. Another one is the PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Summer V Neck Beach Long Dress. This is made of chiffon fabric. The fabric is made with loads of care to see that it gives the dress a breezy and breathable finish. It has cute boho prints all over and a deep v neckline and faux-wrap design. We suggest you go for sandals with a no-makeup look for long summer days. The flowy maxi gives a perfect finish to the curves of your body as the dress sways with the wind.


PRETTY GARDEN Summer Dresses
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PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Jumpsuits

Some of you might not like jumpsuits much (well, what are you doing here then? Just kidding!). For some, jumpsuits might appear too much, or some might think it’s unconventional or inconvenient to wear a jumpsuit, anywhere and everywhere. Well, the truth is, jumpsuits, when coming in a wide range of colors, prints, and designs, could be worn anywhere and everywhere. Jumpsuits are the ultimate collection for the typical lazy girl. It is like, one zip, and you’re good to go. One could always wear a jumpsuit with the right design and colors for the right season and event. Introduced to the world several years ago, jumpsuits are still very much in fashion.

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 Unlike other brands that have limited jumpsuits with limited design and prints, PRETTY GARDEN produces super comfortable and stretchy jumpsuits. They have various sleeve designs, like spaghetti straps, or off-shoulder, or cold-shoulder. These designs make the jumpsuits suitable for several occasions. No more dull, solid color jumpsuits! With PRETTY GARDEN, you can add multiple jumpsuits to your wardrobe and never get bored of it. One such example is the PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Sexy Deep V Neck Jumpsuit. It is a soft and premium-quality fabric. The stretchy jumpsuit could be worn for a casual outing with friends or a brunch with family. The jumpsuit features a deep v neckline, adjustable front cross-type spaghetti straps, and a bodycon fit. The solid-colored suit gives a gentle hug to your body and enhances the beautiful curves you own. This type of jumpsuit is perfect for the summer season. It could be paired with sneakers or heels, depending on the occasion you are attending. 

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Another one is the PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit gives a casual yet sexy look. The back button closure jumpsuit sports an off-shoulder design, with long sleeves and the presence of two pockets. The stretchable jumpsuit is super flowy and flattering to one’s appearance. This comfortable jumpsuit could be kept casual and chic at the same time. It could be worn at parties or while traveling, or even for a casual outing.

PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Tracksuits

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Tracksuits have been doing the fashion rounds for ages, but they’re very few brands that concentrate on bringing out the free-spirited fashion in tracksuits. Some brands make tracksuits appear more sporty than casual. PRETTY GARDEN aims at bringing out the beauty of fashion and appealing colors and designs through the creativity put in designing tracksuits. The brand focuses on making casual workout wear or jogger sets appear more beautiful than usual. PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Two Piece Outfit Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Tops And Tracksuits is one of the products under this category. It has a closure of pull-on drawstring type. The design of the product and some of the similar products have a two-piece set with a round neck. The pullover has long sleeves and is best as a jogger set or for a casual outing. The soft and lightweight fabric helps make the customers feel the warmth of the product. 

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Another example of the product is the PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Two Piece Tracksuit Workout Set. This cute tracksuit has a drawstring closure. It has a sweatshirt that is a hoodie jacket that sports pockets. The zipper hoodie gives a chic appearance to the look, along with the sweatpants. Overall, you feel energetic and happy just by putting on the tracksuits. Enter the new cool with the latest range of tracksuits from PRETTY GARDEN

PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Pajamas

Well, pajamas are a daily essential in our lives. We cannot do without pajamas. What makes the everyday pajamas more appealing and cuter? The design, colors, and the prints, of course. We all like adorable prints and stylish curves in our regular pajamas to spice up our work-from-home look. PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Tie Dye Two-Piece Pajamas Set is one such example. The two set clothing pieces include a sweatshirt that has long sleeves. It is paired with waist drawstring flowy pants. This classic loungewear has a crew neck with long sleeves and dropped shoulders to enhance the casual appearance. The soft fabric makes it ideal for sleepwear. 

PrettyGarden Pajama Set
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The tie-dye print keeps the entire outfit in fashion and keeps up with the trend. Another product is the PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Tie Dye Printed Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Tops Sleepwear. This two-piece sleepwear has a basic appearance to it. It features a round neck, ribbed cuff, and long-sleeve-designed top with a pair of shorts to ensure maximum comfort. The lightweight material allows both the shorts and sweatshirt to be breezy and ideal as sleepwear. You could always add fashion to your regular nightwear by purchasing some of these PRETTY GARDEN sleepwear.

PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Swimsuit

Swimsuits have been doing the rounds of fashion since forever. Let us not forget legendary actresses like Jane Russel and Marilyn Monroe rocking the swimsuits in earlier times. That was the onset of swimsuits. Ever since, the fashion industry has witnessed a steady evolution in the design and cuts of swimsuits. Some have deep plunging necklines, some are sexy two pieces, and some have ruffled sleeves. 

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PRETTY GARDEN, too, has modified its view on the swimsuits and has come up with bolder designs in their recent collection. One such example is the PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Simple Low Cut One-Piece Swimsuit. The stretchy yet comfortable fabric of the swimsuit makes it comfortable and stylish at the same time. The swimsuit accents each curve that you are proud of. The swimsuit seems to compliment you in a way no dress has ever done. It is unimaginable that you should own a wardrobe of swimsuits that does not have a PRETTY GARDEN swimsuit in it. The swimsuit sports a solid colored u-neckline, with the backless triangular shape of the suit. The material is stretchy, thus ensuring optimum comfort. You could now go for a dive in the pool with friends or for a vacation to get rid of all that stress, with their newest range of swimsuits. 

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This clothing line is dominated mainly by leopard prints. The PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Two Pieces Leopard Print High Cut Bandeau Bikini Sets Bathing Suit is one of the products we are obsessed with under the swimsuit section. This is a two-piece bikini set with laced closure. The bikini top has a front knot with an off-shoulder design to make the top sexier. The bottom is a high-waisted triangle one. Overall, the design enhances the curves and makes your swimsuit look more comfortable and beautiful with the leopard prints.

PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Jacket

Many famous fashion designers have commented that winter is the season for fashion! Could we all agree to it? Neither the sloppy summers, the moist monsoon, or the short-spanned spring can be called the season of style. We love it when the winter season is upon us, with the new winter collection of the PRETTY GARDEN every year. It is all anyone can talk about for one month straight. 

pretty garden womens Jacket
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The PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Fashion Long Sleeve Lapel Zip Up Coat is one such example. The soft smooth, faux fur jacket is a zip closure one. It is easy to carry and comfortable to put on. The warmth remains trapped in the jacket for hours. The nude color range of these teddy jackets is in fashion, with every celebrity posing in one of them. The environment and skin-friendly baggy jacket are perfect for cozy winter evenings, both indoors or outdoors. 

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The PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Long Sleeve Open Front Knitted Cardigan Sweater is one such example. This cardigan sweater has a button-type closure. It has long sleeves and small pockets on each side to store necessary items. The soft knit cardigan is a loose-fit one that gives a boyfriend cardigan appearance too. The button-type closure helps in blocking excess cold air entering through the cardigan and keeps it warm inside. You could keep your outfit to several levels of casual with this knitted soft cardigan. You could pair it with several types of bottoms; it could be baggy pants, straight bants, leggings, or simple jeans. It depends on the cold and your mood, of course.

PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Sweater

The winter season brings in the cold, the chill, and a beautiful range of sweaters. We love the warmth of the sweater both indoors and outdoors. Who does not like getting all cozy indoors with a cup of coffee and a book on a winter afternoon, being wrapped around a blanket? We all do. The outdoors could be harsh, but thanks to PRETTY GARDEN, the sweaters’ quality, and design help us be in fashion while being warm and fuzzy on a chilly winter evening. 

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One of the examples is the PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Off-Shoulder Knitted Sweater Pullover Tops. This color-block loose-fit sweater sports a pull-on type closure with long sleeves and a ribbed cuff. The leopard print is all we can think of, honestly! The round-neck knitted sweater can be worn as a basic outfit while chilling at a friend’s place, going out for a walk, or just lazy grocery shopping. You could keep it casual or hype it up a bit with makeup and accessories. PRETTY GARDEN Women’s Casual Leopard Print Long Sleeve Sweaters Tops is one such example. This loose-fit sweater features a camouflaged leopard print with a round neck and long sleeves. The baggy appearance and the ribbed neck design give the sweater a casual yet sexy look. 

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The leopard print has been in fashion since 2019. The Kardashians have brought in every shade of leopard print to each clothing line, and we cannot quit obsessing about it. The oversized pullover sweater could be paired with leggings or tights, shorts, or regular denim pants. This depends on the event. If it is spending some quality time with your loved ones indoors, we suggest going for a Capri or stretchy joggers if you are going for an innocent burger with your date. 


PRETTY GARDEN has been successfully running the show since 2017. Before that, they were facing problems with the proper establishment of the company in the super-competitive fashion industry. With their closely integrated, hand-picked collection of clothing lines, it is evident that the brand will fly higher towards success, as they know no boundaries. We hope to see more collaborations from various other brands or with other models in the future. Overall, PRETTY GARDEN should be on your list if you are even a little interested in giving your wardrobe a pretty makeover.

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