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Women love shopping. Women can choose from thousands of clothes and outfits if shopping is for a holiday. It is easy to shop for a beach spot. They know bikinis can be replaced if they have designer cover-ups. relleciga is here to help you make your decision. relleciga offers you the best quality and most affordable prices. Relleciga’s quality has helped it maintain its leadership position in womenswear. Relleciga is a brand that we imagine many of you don’t know. Relleciga, a brand that produces swimsuits, bikinis, covers, tops, and other clothing for women, is called Relleciga. The brand is focused on a few products and encourages you to trust them.

Motive of Relleciga

Relleciga wants to make you feel confident, strong, and beautiful during your summer beach vacations. Relleciga believes body size doesn’t matter if you are intelligent and thoughtful. Relleciga products will give you confidence and establish a professional look. While most brands offer many choices in clothing, very few of them have the fantastic options you need for your summer vacation. Relleciga wants to ensure that your holiday is filled with joy and beautiful photos by providing you with sexy cover-ups and bikinis. You can also choose activewear to wear every day.

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History of Relleciga

Ridi (Relleciga industry designer institute) launched Relleciga, a swimwear brand. This brand was established in Paris, France, during the 1990s. This brand is for celebrities who wish to showcase their beautiful figures. Relleciga was made the exclusive bikini partner for Mercedes Bratislava Fashion’s summer and spring days in 2016. Furthermore, Relleciga was Tereza’s bikini sponsor in 2017 when she launched her music video. Relleciga’s popularity among women and its craze for bikinis show the brand’s trustworthiness. As a result, the brand could rise to the top and keep its position.

Relleciga’s collection at a glance

Relleciga is a swimwear company with many styles and designs to choose from. Relleciga’s workers and designers bring their creativity to every product they create. Each piece of relleciga takes hard work. So let’s get to it!

Rellecigas collection
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Relleciga’s best collection

Relleciga offers several top collections. You can find halters in many styles, including push-ups, bandeau, triangle, and bandeau.

This bikini top features a cutout detail at the front. It makes a bold statement and shows off a luxurious look. This design is both fashionable and unique but not difficult to make. Retro style with flutter-ruffles will make your appearance more attractive and charming. You can adjust the shoulder straps to fit any body type. You can wear this bikini top at parties, beaches, holidays, swimming pools, and other places. You can pair the bikini top with jeans or other pants. The fabric of the bikini top is skin-friendly, breathable, and soft.

Relleciga’s bottom line

Relleciga has three types of bottoms. They come in three styles: thong, cheeky, and high waist.

Relleciga’s thongs

Inspired by Brazil’s sexiness, relleciga created a thong-bikini collection that will suit any adventure. You can wear thong bikinis in many ways. Also, these are stylish, chic, versatile, and stylish. You can adjust the waist with adjustable ties. Comfortable and without irritation, the bikini is comfortable. The thong by Relleciga offers high flexibility and elasticity. Your legs will appear impossibly long thanks to the low-rise design. That gives you the confidence to show off your curves and buttocks.

Rellecigas thongs
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Relleciga’s cheeky bottoms

Relleciga’s cheeky bottoms are made from 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. This cheeky Brazilian bottom is exceptionally modest in coverage. It has a Cut and low-rise design, which makes your legs appear longer. It will make you attractive. Your curves will be highlighted by the Low Rise design.

Rellecigas cheeky bottoms
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Relleciga’s high-waisted bottom

Relleciga’s high waist design is smartly designed and can be worn with many tops. The bowknot front detail on the bikini bottom makes it stand out and shows off the luxurious look. You can move the bow not up or down. It also has a tummy control feature to help you slim down and hide your stomach. The high waist bottom is made of soft, comfortable fabric that allows you to have fun on your vacation.

Rellecigas high waisted bottom 1
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Relleciga’s bikini set

Relleciga’s bikini sets are comfortable and adjustable. You can use the removable shoulder straps to adjust your torso.

Relleciga’s bikini sets have a cup system that You can easily remove from both sides. That means one does not need to wear an underwire. Relleciga’s bikini top is casually wearable. Bikini fabric is skin-friendly, breathable, and soft. It also has a quick drying deodorant and is quick-drying. Double-lined fabric is light and comfortable, so it won’t be a burden to wear.

Relleciga’s one-piece & tankini.

Relleciga is committed to helping you have the best swim possible. To that end, relleciga offers beautiful swimwear as well as a tankini.

Rellecigas cover ups
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Relleciga’s swimwear with strapless design

Swimwear’s fabric is thick, soft, and silky. The paneling at the front is also not too overdone.

The one-piece swimwear features a flattering sweetheart neckline and criss-cross bust. In addition, this swimwear is best for large busts and long torsos. It provides excellent coverage at the bottom. It’s not chauvinistic and doesn’t have any wedgie issues.

Relleciga swimwear features a twist-front, molded cup. The fully lined, full coverage cut will make you feel great in your skin.

Relleciga’s suit in a tankini

Relleciga’s tankini is made from 80% spandex and 20% polyamide. Tankinis can be worn for swimming, pool, beach, and vacations. The tankini top features a lace-up keyhole design and light removable paddings. In addition, you can adjust the straps. Relleciga’s tank top is easy to wear and has adjustable straps that give you a great look. The tummy control design also helps slim your body.

Rellecigas suit in a tankini
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Relleciga’s cover-ups

Coverups are 82% polyamide, 18% spandex. Cover-ups are available with a rashguard top. The cover-ups can be adjusted in length by pulling the cord.

Relleciga cover ups
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Activewear Collection by Relleciga

Relleciga offers activewear, including bras, tank tops, capris, leggings, and capris. Accessory for everyday use. Let’s get into the details and see what each feature offers.


It is easy to wear a women’s bra for any occasion, sport, or daily use. This bra is ideal for active lifestyles such as running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and other activities. In addition, you can enjoy your fashion days easily thanks to its soft and comfortable fabric.

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You can wear Relleciga shorts for running, dancing, exercising, and other activities. It is 73% polyamide and 27% stretch.

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Relleciga’s full-length leggings are comfortable and casual enough to wear for any exercise or activity, such as running, cycling, pilates, yoga, running, swimming, pilates, dancing, and so on. You can wear these high waist stretch leggings at the gym or casual wear at home. The tummy control waistband contours your body and provides additional comfort. The trendy splicing color design will make you stand out and be noticed. It is skin-friendly, breathable, and soft.

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Relleciga’s tanks

Relleciga’s tankini is simple, high-street fashion. They have excellent materials and features that provide comfortable, soft wearing. It can be worn for many occasions and is perfect for different workouts. You can wear it while exercising, in outdoor and indoor sports, or at other events. It is also great for running, walking, pilates, running, yoga, and other fitness activities.

Relleciga tanks
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Relleciga’s top-selling dresses


Relleciga believes they aren’t selling clothes but the emotions of women. A lady who wants to feel bright and confident should also buy Relleciga. The hard work of its employees has helped the brand achieve great success. The brand is a large family: its employees, management, designers, laborers, and other workers. You become a member of the relleciga family when you shop at relleciga. A family will always have the best products for them.

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