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With a mission to offer affordable luxury fashion for all women, the Romwe clothing brand was launched in 2013 in Paris, France. They have an in-house design team and only utilize the finest fabrics in their garments. They aim to provide a beautiful piece that looks great when worn but won’t break the bank. The company believes every woman deserves to wear clothes; that represent her values without sacrificing style or style points.

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Entry into the apparel market

Romwe first started as an Instagram Account and then became a website. They wanted to go big and become a global brand and set up the first boutique in Paris, France. Romwe then became a global brand that quickly grew into one of the fastest-growing fashion e-Commerce brands by 2015.

In 2014, Romwe announced the launch of the “Made for You” program, which offers customers a custom-made, one-of-a-kind piece made from scratch and shipped directly from Romwe’s manufacturing facility to their customer’s doorsteps. This program was successful, as 90% of the dresses were sold during their launch.

Romwe Clothing 3In 2015, Romwe opened its first warehouse outside of Paris. The factory, located in the Shanghai Export Processing Zone, has a working space of 16,000 square feet. This building houses Romwe’s design studio, marketing team, and shipping department.

Romwe’s full-line store launched in Dubai Mall, UAE, in January 2016, and Romwe joined the US market in July 2016. This location ushered in a new era for the brand. Romwe wanted to provide their clients with additional options and a more comprehensive range of apparel.

On August 15, 2016, it was announced that a new retail location would launch soon. The second “Romwe” full-line store will open on September 17, 2016, at 1185 Broadway in New York City.

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Romwe announced in 2017 that they would establish a flagship store in Manhattan.

The firm stated in mid-2018 that it would be closing its doors, with the website going offline in August.

Forbes named Romwe “One of 30 Hot Fashion Startups from China” in 2015.

Romwe was named “One of the Top 10 Hottest Fast Fashion Brands in China” by Forbes in 2016.

Fashion United named Romwe one of the world’s top 50 fashion brands in 2017.

Romwe brand campaign

The Romwe brand campaign was finished, and it was accomplished with the assistance of social media influencers. Spark Gang was a social media campaign for Romwe by Yuna, a young Chinese fashion model. The campaign was about “a girl only goes through four seasons in life.” The idea was meant to highlight that even though it is winter in China, Romwe’s latest collection of year-round garments is available to help boost a woman’s confidence and change her mood when she feels down. This campaign has received positive attention from over 20 million followers on Weibo.

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Sara is the Romwe brand’s social media influencer, chosen for this campaign. She is a skilled model, an online sensation, and a role model to many Chinese women in their younger years, contributing to her selection as the winner. As a spokesperson and “face of the brand,” Sara is thus an endorsement for Romwe.

Romwe launched a major social media campaign in China on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook. The company worked with fashion influencers like Yangyang to promote its products and reach customers through new media. 

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They also worked with fashion bloggers such as Lala to make online videos promoting some products. Most of these customers appeared before posting pictures or videos about Romwe on their blogs.

Why buy from the Romwe women’s brand 

Romwe has its products produced in different countries. The company partners with factories in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Italy, and the United States. It sources garments from the best factories to ensure high-quality products.

Romwe is known for its high-quality products. The brand replicates runway looks into affordable fashion clothing everyone can afford.

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Furthermore, Romwe is well-known for its low costs. Their garments are affordable and can retain quality by keeping profits low.

Romwe makes sure that the quality of the products is above average. The brand guarantees satisfaction for return or exchange products if customers are not too happy with what they buy. Only 4% of their customers returned items in 2014. They ensure they make durable products that will last customers a long time. 

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Romwe has many collections on its website, all refreshed weekly. Their wares have earned a reputation for being cutting-edge, cutting-edge, and stylish all at the same time. The brand is perfect for fashion-conscious women who love to shop online.

Romwe ships all clothes; ordered by their customers to their doorsteps. They have stores in Italy’s Venice, Milan, and Parma regions. 

Women cloth category 

The Romwe brand provides high-quality clothing for women. The brand’s broad collection includes many items, including dresses, jackets, tops, jeans, skirts, coats, pants, sweatshirts, and accessories.

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Romwe dress code

Romwe’s dress code is unique. The brand has a unique style, and its collection revolves around a specific color scheme. Their products are inspired by the latest trends, making their fabrics comfortable, exquisite, and flattering for all women. 

Romwe also uses different sewing techniques to produce high-quality garments for all its customers. They have a wide range of brands that their products can retail under “Romwe Women,” “Romwe Plus,” “Pinko,” “Mia,” and others.

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Romwe Blouses

Romwe blouses are often in white, black, and grey colors. They also rip off pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, shoes, and other accessories, to add more fashion to the clothing. The brand offers different blouses, such as Romwe Short Sleeve Blouse and Romwe Women’s Elegant long sleeves worn by all ages and style preferences. 

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Romwe Sweatshirt

The brand has a wide range of products that any customer can choose from. They have a mixture of casual, contemporary, and stylish clothing that helps women dress up as needed. Their outfits can be worn daily, creating the look that every woman wants.

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Romwe has many fans who love their collections, as manifested by the traffic they receive on their social media accounts. They have received positive feedback, and their products; are loved because they fit all kinds of women. Romwe also offers high-quality clothing that can last customers along with proper care.

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Romwe makes sweatshirts that will easily fit all sizes and shapes. The designs of the sweatshirts are unique and come in different styles. They make the perfect addition to women’s wardrobes used as loungewear for after-school activities and casual wear. Try their Romwe Women’s Letter Print Sweatshirt and Romwe Women’s Long Sleeve Sweatshirt, among others.

Romwe women tops

Romwe women’s tops; are sparked by the latest trends for all types of women. Their chic clothing is intended for women who appreciate contemporary style and want to dress in a way that reflects their personal tastes. These clothes are perfect for any occasion and the best addition to any wardrobe. Romwe Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Romwe Women’s Sexy Crop Top are good examples under this brand category. 

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Romwe plus

Romwe Plus caters to plus-size women. Their collection can use high-quality fabrics and styles. Romwe’s plus-size tops are soft and comfortable. They also ensure that the brands feature the latest trends and designs to meet their customers’ needs. For instance, Romwe Plus Midi Dresses and Romwe Plus Size Casual T-Shirts have the best designs for any body shape.

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Romwe sleepwear

Romwe sleepwear is a brand about comfort and ensuring that they provide their customers with the best sleepwear. The brand ensures its products are of the softest fabrics and casual or formal wear for any occasion. Romwe’s sleepwear is perfect for any woman as it caters to all of their needs and will make them look elegant and stylish. With Romwe Women’s Bra and Panty, Romwe Plus Size Sexy Babydoll, or any other sleepwear, you experience the comfort and soft texture you desire for your body relaxation.

Romwe’s pick

Romwe’s pick-up costumes are an easy way to express their creativity. The company stays current on fashion trends so customers can dress whenever they want. The brand offers various types of costumes produced with the latest trends. Clients can choose from different costumes that will give them a sense of style and elegance at any time. You can select Romwe Long Sleeve Pockets Jacket, Romwe Women’s Yoga Harem Pants, Romwe Swim Skirt, and more for either casual, functional, or official wear.

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Romwe closet

Women who prefer to buy online and want to keep current on fashion trends without breaking the budget may look into the Romwe closet collection. The brand offers you the latest fashion trends and styles that are perfect for any occasion. Romwe closets such as Women’s Swim Skirt are high-quality fabrics that will last clients a long time with proper care.

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This brand is perfect for all women who want to express their creativity and style, along with other women. Because the company produces such a wide variety of goods, its customers may always look their best no matter the occasion.

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