The 10 Best Maternity Belt For Expecting Moms

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The journey of being a mother is not easy for would-be moms as they go through some serious physical changes. Although natural, sometimes they create some discomforts in different body parts such as the belly, hip, back, and pelvic area. Symptoms like lower back pain or pelvic floor pressure can be unpleasant in pre-delivery and post-delivery periods.

Well, there is a simple solution to these complex issues. Wearing a maternity belt can help you deal with these issues very effectively. What the best maternity belt does is, wraps around your lower portion of the midsection to provide compression and support, hence providing relief from the discomforts of pregnancy. Also, there is no safety hazard wearing these belts for you or your upcoming baby. This brings us to some questions related to maternity belts. Here, we’ll be answering these FAQs first, and then we’ll move to our mission of finding the best maternity belt for would-be moms. Our sincere and honest reviews should help you get yours.

FAQs Related Maternity Belts

How to wear a maternity belt before delivery?
To wear the maternity belt during your pregnancy, you have to wrap the long strap underneath your stomach and attach the tummy strap with the loop fastener and the hook. You can adjust the belt’s strap to find the optimum compression and comfort.

How to use the maternity belt after delivery?
After delivery, the maternity belt needs to be fastened with the loop fastener and attached with the hook around the lower back and hips to help it ease tension on the pelvis and hips and readjust you to your pre-pregnancy clothing.

Will maternity belts help sciatica?
Yes, it will for most of the maternity belts. These belts are supposed to relieve you from sciatica pain and pains related to the pelvic, lower back, or abdomen during pre and post-pregnancy.

Can I wear a maternity belt while sleeping?
Yes, you can. The good maternity belts are designed ergonomically to adapt to all stages of the pregnancy while following the sleeping postures with better support. When you lay down wearing one, it should be nice and comfy enough to help you fall asleep easily.

Will the maternity belt hurt my baby?
No, it should not as long as you follow your doctor’s direction. Doctors don’t allow pregnant women to wear maternity belts to ensure their baby’s safety without any physical need. This can weaken the stomach, bottom, and lower back muscle, causing future injury to the baby. So follow the instructions before trying one.

Reviewing The 10 Best Maternity Belt for To-Be Moms

NEOtech Care Maternity Belt

NEOtech Care Maternity Belt

Neotech Care Maternity support belt cares about your maternity. It helps alleviate pregnancy-related lower back pain by supporting the lumbar and the abdominal region. Get relief from unwanted pains and enjoy your maternity.

Breathable & Comfortable Fabric

Neotech understands what comfort means to you. So it has chosen the resistant and cushioned fabric to provide you with the utmost comfort. It comes with a multi-layered laminate outfitted with an elastic lining that combines elasticity and breathability, ensuring maximum comfortability. Remember, it works best when you stand or walk, so detaching the hooks and loops is recommended while you are sitting.

Great Lower Back Support

Its greater comfort also includes lower back support. Being comfortable at the back is equally important as the abdominal pad. You don’t want it to rub on your back or get hot and wet. The elasticity makes it hug your body shape perfectly to provide perfect support for the lower back.

NEOtech Care Maternity Belt 1

More Relaxing Features

It comes with some more features to ensure your relaxation. This maternity belt has double-sided hooks and loops to make it easy to put on and off. Also, it is a fully adjustable belt that can accommodate your abdominal growth during pregnancy.

What Customers Say

The to-be moms find it strong yet soft and comfortable enough to enjoy the maternity. Remember to choose the right size for the best maternity belt experience. web buttons png 1875208

KEENHEALTH Maternity Support Belt

KEENHEALTH Maternity Support Belt

The KeenHealth Pregnancy Belly Band is designed for expecting mothers to support their growing baby pump. And most importantly, reduce pressure on the spine and relieve pain from the lower back, pelvic zone, and hip. Now make your pregnancy an enjoyable experience with this amazing belly band.

Great Materials Used

The Keenhealth maternity support belt is made of sturdy and premium quality materials. It can give you perfect support for carrying your baby. The fabric of the belt is thin and lightweight, so it doesn’t get hot and itchy. Also, its breathable design helps to alleviate any discomfort related to your baby bump.

KEENHEALTH Maternity Support Belt 2

Maximum Support

This belt is designed for maximum support to your pelvic, back, and hip to relieve pain. It also immediately alleviates spinal pressure once you place this maternity belt. This perfect fit belt also helps you to remain flexible. Plus, this pregnancy belly band is a great assistant during your third-trimester heavy lifting.

Excellent Adjustable Fitting

This maternity support belt is neither too tight nor too loose. Its velcro end allows adjusting the belt to your growing belly up to 44 inches for M size and up to 49 inches for L size. The velcro straps are fully adjustable to ensure it fits you like a glove and provide perfect support to your lower back.

KEENHEALTH Maternity Support Belt 1

Easy Cleaning

It’s an easy-to-clean belly band. You need to soak it in detergent, rinse it and dry it. That’s all it needs for a clean new look.

What Customers Say

A great product that is comfortable and feels safe to its users. So a highly recommended one. web buttons png 1875208

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

Our next addition is the Gabrialla MS-96 Maternity Support Belt. It is a very comfortable belt that provides great support to keep you healthy and active during your pregnancy. This belt is available in different colors and sizes. Its tummy straps are also convenient that don’t add unnecessary strain to the growing bump.

Great Construction

This amazing belt combines the right proportion of fabric to ensure maximum convenience of wearing. It uses 50% Polyester, 30% Cotton, and 20% Lycra. It is kept extremely flexible and comfortable, making it an everyday use accessory that can accommodate your body changes accordingly. You can use the cotton-lined MS-96i version under your clothing, while the elastic-lined one you can use over the clothing.

Works Effectively

The lower back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy are common yet very frustrating. The maternity belt helps to stabilize your joints to prevent these pains. Besides, it helps to distribute the baby weight across the abdomen and back that can help relieve the strain on your round ligaments, hence reducing the pain. This belt also provides added compression to stabilize the hips hence the loosened ligaments. And also, get excellent maternity belt support to the lower back and abdominal zone to reduce pressure and pain and encourage therapeutic healing.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt 2

Avoid Belly Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks occur with rapid growth and expansion of your body where your skin is pulled tight over your newly formed mass. The stretch marks result from tearing underlying tissue as they’re being stretched very tightly. Wearing this maternity belt can help you with a reduced presence of stretch marks.

Additional Back Pocket

The Gabrialla MS-96i features a back pocket that can be used for hot and cold therapy relief. Also, its warming design helps to increase the blood flow to your lower back to reduce pain and loosen muscles.

Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt 1

Well-Showcased & Certified Product

The Gabrialla maternity belt is a US product that uses all modern production facilities and keeps a high standard in their quality and regulations. They have been featured on the multiple baby and maternity magazines’ covers, and awarded certificates and recognitions such as Medicare Approved and FDA Approved.

What Customers Say

It has been a perfectly functional maternity belt for back support. However, there are issues regarding the texture and elasticity of the fabric. But it should work fine for most of the women. web buttons png 1875208

Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

Jill Joey Maternity Belt 1

Your amazing experience of being pregnant is made more amazing with the Jill & Joey Maternity Belt. This belt is designed with close supervision to provide perfect belly support to reduce pregnancy pain that can lead you to peace of mind as this ensures comfort while sleeping with a maternity belt.

Breathable & Comfortable

The breathable fabric of this belt will make you feel you like are not wearing one. It is made of the softest cotton to keep your belly cool and fit. It’s also an easy-to-put-on belt, and you can adjust throughout the day and take it off whenever you want using the convenient velcro of the belt.

Relieve Pregnancy Pain

This belt can support excess belly weight and reduce spinal pressure to alleviate pain around the pelvis, hips, & back.

Great Lower Back Support

It provides great assistance to the lower back, making you feel the difference during pregnancy. It provides great support to your lower back to help you with the round ligament pain and any swelling.

Jill Joey Maternity Belt

Adjustable One Size

This belt is available in one adjustable size up to 45 inches to fit most of the to-be moms. It supports your belly as it grows. Putting one or taking that off is now simple with its convenient velcro.

What Customers Say

This maternity belt has been receiving great reviews, especially for its adjustability, breathability and easy-to-remove features. web buttons png 1875208

NU MOMZ Maternity Belt

NU MOMZ Maternity Belt

Nu Momz is a name you can’t but mention while coming up with the best maternity belt reviews. It is a prominent US brand that manufactures the highest quality maternity belts. Their belts are designed for maximum comfort while providing the perfect support for the growing body changes experienced by expecting mothers. They have specialized in this product to develop the latest in-maternity brace technology to ensure your utmost comfort.

Premium Quality Construction

The Nu Momz maternity belt is an exclusive belt with a breathable and comfortable abdominal liner that is the softest belly band on the market. This waistband is made of durable, high-quality stretchable fabric that provides perfectly balanced support around your entire waist. It is easy to put on and comfortable to wear under most outfits. The breathability keeps it cool as well.

NU MOMZ Maternity Belt 1

Highly Effective

This pregnancy belly band effectively relieves pelvic pain, supports abdominal muscles, improves posture, minimizes spinal strain, reduces bladder pressure, and stabilizes the SI joint to enable the expecting mothers to do their daily activities comfortably. And also reduce swelling like edema in the hands, legs, back, and hips.

Great Parental Support

The Nu Momz also takes care of your unborn baby by cradling, protecting, and embracing it. It distributes the baby weight more evenly over the back and abdomen of the mother. Plus, it lightens the load on the ligament and helps reduce stretch marks by preventing sagging of the tummy.

NU MOMZ Maternity Belt 2

Convenient & Adjustable Size

If you are looking for a maternity belt plus size, this is the one as this stretchable sash fits up to 50 inches. You can pull it to your preferred tightness to ensure maximum comfort. It can be a maternity belt for twins as well. So it can be your fully adjustable support system during the entire pregnancy and into post-pregnancy. The postpartum benefits include healing pregnancy-related muscle strain and pre-pregnancy clothing readjustment.

What Customers Say

The users are very happy with this amazing maternity belt. They feel very comfortable and relieved wearing this. web buttons png 1875208

Rheane Seamless Belly Band

Rheane Seamless Belly Band

Rheane is the belly band that comes with the pants extenders for your pregnancy and the postpartum period. This belly band is designed to provide maximum support to your lower back during the pregnancy and take care of your post-pregnancy curves and love handles.

Excellent Material

The Rheane belly band is made with excellent materials. Its fabric is soft and breathable and won’t stab the skin to let you move comfortably. Also, it is elastic enough to help shrink your love handles.

High-Quality Strip

This maternity belt comes with a high-quality silicone strip on the bottom. It keeps the belt from sliding down and helps hold your pants in place.

Additional Uses

A pair of extenders come free to help expand your clothes size. So you can wear it as a replacement for your maternity clothing or wear it to perfect your curves or flatten the tummy during the exercise.

Rheane Seamless Belly Band 1

Helps in Postpartum

This maternity belt eases your discomfort during the pregnancy period and also in the post-pregnancy period. It is a great maternity recovery belt and helps flatten the tummy, and the love handles.

What Customers Say

It seems to be a great option for both the pregnancy period and postpartum. So people are happy to find this and use it to readjust themselves back for their fashion clothing. web buttons png 1875208

Comfy Mom Belly Band for Pregnancy

Comfy Mom Belly Band for Pregnancy

The Comfy Mom is our next addition to the best maternity belt reviews. It justifies its name with a comfortable design that can be a stay-put one to reduce your pelvic pressure and back pain during or after your pregnancy. They designed this belt with a detailed understanding of the to-be moms. So it is a great functional belt with a design that puts your pregnancy first!

Comfortable Material

Considering the durability, safety, comfortability of the mothers in need, this belt is made using Neoprene, Polyester, and Nylon to keep the perfect balance of longevity and comfortability.

Comfy Mom Belly Band for Pregnancy 1

Great Adjustability

Comfy Mom understands the difference between shapes and sizes among pregnant women. So they come with a fitting that is perfect throughout the pregnancy. This belt has three parts where the lower band supports the belly, the back brace supports your spine for better mobility, and the upper belly band is supposed to lift the baby bump relieving the pressure from the pelvis. Plus, this maternity belt is adjustable to move in every trimester according to the user’s comfort.

Works Effectively

It is a great maternity belt for back pain. When worn properly, it supports your belly while eliminating the back pain at the same time. This is a perfect maternity belt for pelvic pain as well. Lifting the baby bump with the upper band eases your pressure on the pelvis and lower abdomen.

Comfy Mom Belly Band for Pregnancy 2

What Customers Say

A great support belt that is extremely effective in pregnancy. It is also getting a lot of positive reviews from the users. web buttons png 1875208

Bracoo Maternity Belt


Bracoo Maternity Belt is a great support belt for pregnant women to hold and accommodate their baby bumps. It can deal with pregnancy-related discomforts to help relax the would-be mothers. This is surely something to watch and have in your home for maximum comfort during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester.

Multipurpose Use

Besides helping the pregnant hold their belly, it can also help in some other cases, like helping ones with large stomachs or the pregnant women for relaxation from pain on different pelvic ligaments. Or use it to prevent postoperative fetal position to move back to the pre-operative position. And also improve posture and blood circulation.

Excellent Materials

This maternity belt is made of high-quality nylon material. So it is more durable for long-lasting use.

Fully Adjustable

It is a fully adjustable maternity belt that can accommodate abdominal extension throughout the pregnancy.

Comfy Support

The Bracoo Maternity belt consists of three-layer linings that allow you to select the preferred one according to the pregnancy status. More comfy is the abdominal list that lifts your belly without any unnecessary pressure.

What Customers Say

This seems to be a great support belt to its users. Also, people love it for its multipurpose use. web buttons png 1875208

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Gotoly Women Waist Trainer Corset Postpartum Maternity Belt

Gotoly Women Waist Trainer Corset Postpartum Maternity Belt

Postpartum maternity belts are one of the most sought-after ones among pregnants. It’s because women want to restore their sexier curves with the right waist trainer. We have a waist trainer on our list: the Gotoly Women Waist Trainer Belt. These belts come with detailed handwork, and they ensure to make a great shopping experience for their customers.

Comfortable Fabric

The Gotoly postpartum maternity belt is made from the perfect blend of Nylon and Spandex. It comes with cozy double slimming layers. The outer layer is sleek, silky, and elastic providing perfect control on the body. The inner layer comes with soft and breathable mesh fabric while producing high compression on the tummy. It is sweat-free and wicks moisture so that you can wear it all day long.

Great Fitting

This waist corset comes with four hook and eye closure rows and a couple of adjustable and removable shoulder straps so that it fits the maximum extent and gives you sexy natural curves.

Push-Up Breast Design

It comes with a special front anti-droop U-type style making the chest more upright and attractive. This waist trainer effectively controls fabby fat of the armpit and back to make the body look free from bumps or lumps and help you achieve a chic-looking slimmer female shape.

Gotoly Women Waist Trainer Corset Postpartum Maternity Belt 1

Multifunctional Waist Corset

This waist corset comes with multifunctional uses. It can be used for flattening the abdomen, supporting the back, reducing the waistline, recovering from postpartum, improving posture, relieving waist pain, protecting the spine, expediting fat burn, etc. Most important among all these is its efficient use as a maternity cincher that helps the postnatal recovery to get you back to the original shape.

What Customers Say

It is a great maternity belt with multipurpose use, especially for those looking to speed up postpartum recovery. Some feel a little uncomfortable while sitting, but it works well the rest of the time. web buttons png 1875208

MAEBAND Maternity Belly Band

MAEBAND Maternity Belly Band

When it is about an easy-to-put-on belly band for would-be moms, you can’t miss out on the Maeband Maternity Belly Band. It helps you temporarily adjust your favorite pants during your pregnancy and after that. You can loop the Maeband over and through the front belt loops while keeping your pants unbuttoned to enjoy a comfortable setting and feel the waistband stretch. It is probably the best maternity belt when considering postpartum belts for women.

Adjusts to Your Belly Bump

The Maeband grows with your belly. Its design enables the adjustable elastic and velcro to expand throughout the pregnancy. This is a perfect belly belt for the first trimesters of pregnancy. It doesn’t allow the pants to be too snug for you as the belly starts growing.

Post-Pregnancy Service

To deal with issues like losing weight or strain after the pregnancy, you need this Maeband belly belt. It offers great postpartum functionalities, especially when it comes to readjusting yourself back in your pants.

MAEBAND Maternity Belly Band 1

Amazing Functionalities

This maternity belly band temporarily expands and adds stretch to the waistband throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. What more it does is it extends your clothes and supports the growing baby belly with a much more stylish, comfortable and most importantly, functional way to transform your pre-pregnancy pants into comfortable maternity jeans temporarily. Its functionalities come with an outstanding lifetime replacement guarantee, and this is how the manufacturers back their product.

What Customers Say

This pant extenders maternity belt seems to be an excellent idea for most users. They find it extremely functional and a great assistant for conscious to-be mothers or newbie mothers. web buttons png 1875208


We realize the feelings that you go through while being pregnant. And we know how important it is for you to find the best maternity belt. We have highlighted the features of the best maternity support belt to let you get a clear idea of these belts. The users’ overall feedback is also mentioned with each maternity belt review. We hope the article must’ve helped you to determine which is the best maternity belt for you to get rid of the discomforts during your pregnancy or in your postpartum period. Nothing should stop you from cherishing this beautiful experience of maternity.

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