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YUMMIE is one of the best-known brands that provide quality shapewear and other clothing lines. The brand claims to be a hug, not a squeeze’. And the quality products genuinely stand by its motto. Each shapewear, loungewear, or bra from YUMMIE is a treat to the body. The clothes tend to embrace your curves and enhance your beauty. Be it a casual outing, formal meeting, family brunch, or a romantic date, you are always a step ahead in your dressing game with YUMMIE.

Yummie clothing brand
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YUMMIE has several clothing categories, bra, and shapewear being the most common. The brand that had a rocky start (well, like any other famous brand) has emerged as one of the most famous and top-selling brands worldwide. The YUMMIE family takes immense pride in empowering their customers by celebrating their silhouette. If you are a mother willing to flatter yourself with shapewear that would embrace your yummy tummy, or if you are a young woman looking for the perfect bra, look no further.

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YUMMIE is a brand that has put fashion in shapewear and bras. Intimates are no longer just intimates. They are fashionable, noteworthy, and flattering to your body. Each product of YUMMIE makes you feel confident about yourself and helps make you fall in love with yourself a little more with each passing day. So, let’s engage in a styling session with their wonderful clothing line. Before that, here’s a brief about the transition of the original YUMMIE TUMMIE to YUMMIE.

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The original brand, YUMMIE TUMMIE, was founded by Heather Thomson. He started the company in the year 2008. The 00s were a tricky time. There was a lot of experimentation going around everywhere. All the well-known brands that exist today were struggling to create a strong base back then. There was creativity and innovation in every corner of the fashion road. Hence, to outperform all other companies and add creativity to daily life, he opened the store YUMMIE TUMMIE.

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Branding and Rebranding

However, at that time, the company mainly focused on clothes and accessories that would accentuate the ‘tummy’ area. But, it did not make much profit or name as an international brand. For the next five years, there was no rebranding. This made the clothing lines look less appealing and old to the new generation. This was when Eric Rothfeld, who had a 49 percent stake in the company, took over the brand. He founded the company back then. Thomson, a former cast member on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York” series, filed a suit in 2015 against Rothfeld. It was about removing him from the business entirely. However, it did not happen. Now, Rothfeld works in the company as the chief executive officer who takes care of the daily business handling of the brand.

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After the company’s takeover, Rothfeld changed the name from YUMMIE TUMMY to YUMMIE. The company now wanted to focus on overall clothes and accessories rather than being confined to the tummy region. This helped them grab more attention around the globe. YUMMIE focuses on developing the personalities of its customers through its products. YUMMIE still focuses on solidifying its roots as being the best shapewear brand in the fashion industry. Their beautiful array of clothing lines now includes loungewear and activewear, along with the famous three-panel tank.

YUMMIE Foundation and Awareness

The YUMMIE family focuses on three things. They focus on three Fs; Fashion, Function, and Foundation. YUMMIE believes in making style and comfort run together in wardrobes. It also focuses on making people aware of several environmental factors. They support several causes and create funds for each of them. They donate to several foundations; the most important being Keep A Breast Foundation and The Breasties.

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YUMMIE celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness by donating 10 percent of their bra sales to these non-profit foundations. They do it once a week, each month, and for the entire month of October. With the help of the foundations. YUMMIE supports the community by spreading awareness through self-help tools and meaningful information about breast cancer prevention and early detection.

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YUMMIE- Clothing Line

With such high competition in the fashion industry, YUMMIE is flourishing like never before. They find ways and means to incorporate creativity into daily life. Now more than ever, they are working on the important and best-selling categories, shapewear, bralette, and legging. The workers use seamless fabric in the shapewear to make them 40 percent lighter with the same comfort level. With the new generation developing an affection for high-waist skirts and pants, the company has started producing high-waist thongs skirt slips.

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The design team for bralettes has expanded their fashion sense to be available to a larger population. The non-active leggings have come into the show ever since the celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez started flaunting them; the range goes from bright-colored velvet to nude hues of faux leather leggings. With Kylie Jenner, Mylie Cyrus, and Rihana showing off their gorgeous curves, bodysuits are becoming an integrated part of a must-have wardrobe for everyone. All these products of YUMMIE are sold in retailers that have Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Amazon.

Various Collections of YUMMIE


Yes, bras are a woman’s best friend. We often say, “Best friends are like good bras: Supportive, hard to find, and always close to the heart.” And by a good bra, we mean YUMMIE bras. At YUMMIE’s, the bras are comfortable, provide a lift if needed, and support you 24/7. Bras are necessities, yet we tend to ignore the quality or features while buying one. Some bras at YUMMIE provide pull-on closure, while some give elastic closure. The bras are made with a wire-free underbust channel. This provides exceptional comfort and support.

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For example, Yummie Women’s Peyton Seamless Wire Free Strapless Convertible Bra has a wire-free underbust channel. Its design makes the bra look smooth and supports all day. It is lightweight with the flexibility of 360 degrees. Another bra, like the Yummie Women’s Audrey Seamless Wire Free Comfort Day Bra, has dig-free adjustable straps. It helps regulate the body temperature by taking some heat off your body when hot and releasing some when cold. This is due to the Outlast Technology.


Leggings are now for indoors and outdoors, for all seasons. Do you want to wear leggings in the summer, spring, and winter? That is not a problem anymore. With YUMMIE bringing in their latest collection of capris and leggings that can regulate air and add a chic look to your wardrobe, you can wear capris and leggings anywhere you want to. You can easily add leggings and capris to your outfit if you wish to work out at home or the gym or go out with your friends. It does not matter if the sun is out because, with our new collection, you can pair them with wedges or high heels.

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Well, if celebs do it all the time, so can you! We are not sure if you can bring in FRIENDS reference, but the Yummie Women’s Compact Cotton Shaping Rachel Leggings make your tummy look flatter and shape your hips and legs. The cotton material adds another point to the legging that keeps up with the comfort zone. The Yummie Women’s Talia Cotton Control Everyday Shaping Capri is another great Capri that would make you want to stay outdoors as long as possible. The shapewear with the Capri makes it more comfortable to put on even in summer.

Tanks & Tops

The original YUMMIE TUMMIE by Heather Thomson started with the three-panel tank. In the year 2008, the world came to know about the three-panel tank. It remains one of the most purchased items from the brand. But the tank has evolved from a three-panel tank to a six-in-one shaping tank. This innovative tank sports the original compression panels. But this panel provides the customers with options of several control layers, depending on their preference.

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One can wear both boards at the back to hide the flattering love handles. If they wish to portray a slimmer and flattened-out tummy, they can be in front or on each side to compress the edges. One can wear the tank with alternating necklines, the V-neck being the most common style. The Yummie Women’s Pearl 3-Panel Shapewear Tank Top is a good example. The Yummie Women’s Seamless Convertible Shapewear Camisole provides even shaping and a yummy hug towards the mid-region. This, too, sports Outlast Technology to regulate the body temperature according to the environmental conditions. The straps could be converted to a classic cross-back fashion, too, in this case.


Who said bottoms are boring? Who said bottoms have no style? Well, many. And YUMMIE proved all of them wrong. The age-old shapewear in new styles! YUMMIE has both shaping and non-shaping bottoms. The shapewear is for more formal days or occasions or maybe a red-carpet look (just kidding). For those days when you have difficulty getting out of bed, or days when you want to be just lazily lying around or when you want to buy your groceries undisturbed, our non-shaping bottoms have you covered. In both cases, we prioritize quality and comfort the most.

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The YUMMIW panties are made of lightweight side-seam-free materials. Our shapewear has been designed from chic to basic to classy. The non-shaping ones have luxurious materials, and designs range from casual to formal. The wretched panty lines are now passed with our range of the most comfortable and stylish panties. YUMMIE has got your back with a range of bottoms, from flowy trousers to classy shapewear, to everyday comfortable panties to luxurious thongs.

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YUMMIE Seamless Shapewear Short

YUMMIE enhances your curves with support, comfort, and fashion. For example, the Ultralight Seamless Shapewear Short is the most comfortable shorts one could own for everyday use. It is the lightest and has a compression level of 2. The seamless shorts help minimize the irritation and panty lines in the region. It also gives a smoother look. This shapewear provides the signature YUMMIE hug along with gentle compression.

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Another example is Yummie Women’s Cotton Seamless Shapewear Thong. It is renowned as the Breathable shapewear. The thong helps accentuate the curves as well as giving a smoother look. With a Compression Level of 3, the thongs provide moderate compression and no panty lines.


With major celebs like Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Priyanka Chopra sporting a bodysuit on almost every vacation, bodysuits have become a major attraction over the years. The YUMMIE makes the bodysuits so that they will make one look slimmer and feel more comfortable in the outfit. The designs range from stripes to neon colors to solid black to nude shades to pretty patterns. The sleeve designs could be short or long with a thong bottom or full bottom coverage. The YUMMIE bodysuits have a tight hug to your body while ensuring you feel comfortable.

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The Yummie Women’s Madelyn Seamless Bodysuit will awaken your inner diva. It hugs the body in a way that would make you, along with everyone else, fall in love with your curves. It smoothes out evenly and regulates the body temperature with the help of the Outlast Technology. As the name suggests, the Yummie Women’s Seamless Shaping Bodysuit is a seamless bodysuit. It has a ballet-back bodysuit with a lower scoop back. This makes the bodysuit pretty much bra-friendly. It gives a comfortable YUMMIE hug to the body at the tummy region and upper arms. This helps to slim the regions and shape them according to the style and comfort of the individual.


The YUMMIe loungewear line combines soft fabrics with style to ensure fashion and comfort. Whether you enjoy some me-time or the busy moms at home, or the women who wake and get in the work-from-home model, YUMMIE offers a cute collection of loungewear for each of them. The material and style are just right for everyday use at home.

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Get cozy in this Yummie Women’s Black Lounge Robe on a cold winter or breezy evening. It is one of the finest robes in the collection. The Yummie Women’s Lounge Pant is made of the softest from the softest fabric available around the globe. It is a wide-leg, flowy pant that provides an individual the maximum level of comfort. The side pockets make these pants one of my favorite items.

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Dresses are a normal part of every clothing line of a famous brand. Having said this, the dresses of YUMMIE have a different fan base due to their supreme level of comfort. The dresses range from turtle neck to knock-neck to cross-back styles. The materials are softer and more luxurious than YUMMIE’s other rivals. The Yummie Women’s Black Dress Small makes a unique look effortlessly beautiful. The dress could be worn alone or paired with a denim jacket.

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Adding to the new series of dresses is the latest Yummie Black Dress. We all have a soft corner for shorter hemlines these days. Well, this dress gives the same feature along with super-soft fabric. This insanely gorgeous bodycon piece should be worn alone.


Jeans are an age-old trend that never goes out of style. YUMMIE concentrates on innovating the same pair with new fashion trends and comfort for all. One of the types of jeans that petite women could go for is straight jeans. It makes your height appear taller than usual. The jeans are one with mid-rise. The straight style makes you look taller and eliminates the muffin top.

Jeans For Women
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Pockets in the back are located on the higher side to give an elongated appearance. The perfect daily jeans are this Women’s Straight Jean Classic. Yummie’s boot-cut jeans are slim through the thigh with a subtle flare at the knee to balance out your hips and rock your curves. The Women’s Boot Jean has a boot cut at the end. It sports a mid-rise and eliminates the muffin top to boost an elevated look. There are small details like stitches and faded colors that give a slimmer appearance to the jeans.


The quality products of YUMMIE will always be in fashion, keeping comfort level in mind. YUMMIE designs its products so that the most intimate and delicate regions of the human body feel and look good. YUMMIE makes you love yourself even more. Every ripple, every curve, and every edge of your body deserves love and affection like your heart. And YUMMIE understands this more than anyone else. The brand focuses on making you feel special and giving out positivity by making you fall in love with each part of your body that you own.

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YUMMIE incorporates various styles in shapewear and bras, and loungewear to boost your confidence. It makes every part of you worthy of appreciation and attention because YOU can bring happiness to your life. And a significant part of self-love goes to how trendy and comfortable your wardrobe is. The brand YUMMIE has taken the responsibility to ensure that your wardrobe is never out of comfort and fashion, thus providing you with a lifetime of happiness with them in your journey.

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