Zhitunemi Corset and Costume Collections for Occasions

Zhitunemi Corset and Costume Collections for Occasions

At our Zhitumeni shop, we give women the most elegant corsets and other fashion-forward experiences. There’s a broad selection of Christmas corset outfits, corsets with underbust for adults, and renaissance corsets at Zhitunemi. Santa costumes, dress-up costumes, corsets dresses, corset corsets, e.t.c. Are all available. Corsets like these are ideal for showcasing your hourglass shape underdresses for weddings, cocktail dresses, wedding gowns, or even casual clothes.

Laces up Sexy Back Floral Corset for women
Image Source: Vogue

Lacy Corsets Of Zhitunemi

Laces-up Sexy Back Floral Corset for women is stunningly beautiful and cozy while at the same time. If you’re looking for an attractive corset, a cosplay one, or just looking to add some flair to your appearance, this Satin Corset waist training corset shaper is the perfect addition. It’s constructed from satin spandex, cotton, and cotton. It’s lined inside with a comfortable cotton fabric to ensure maximum comfort.

A Lace up Floral Corset with feather decoration
Image Source: Vogue

It assists in balancing the body to create an aesthetically pleasing, slim, and slim look without revealing the appearance of bulges and bumps. This fashionable corset is a favorite for Christmas parties, weddings, Halloween, cosplay, clubbing or stage performances, and every other intimate or sinister event. It is ideal for Gothic designs like witches, vampires, the canon, Victorians, Moulin Rouge, saloon girls, and pin-up ladies. It’s ideal with a skirt or any other type of slim-fitting trousers.

Zhitunemi Adult Halloween Astronaut Costume
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A Lace-up Floral Corset with feather decoration is unique. It comes with a Peacock feather accent with hook-eye fastenings to the front, the lace-up at the back, boning in the form of plastic to support you, and a soft satin corset that highlights the chest and waistline. This corset is sure to bring out the best you regardless of whether you’re going to an event for a party or fitness. Fresh color and unique elements make you look stunning and suit any event you want. Wash separately with warm water. Do not squeeze, then place flat on a towel to dry or hang on the hanger.

Zhitunemi Renaissance Dress Medieval Costume
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Dress-up Costume Of Zhitunemi

Zhitunemi Adult Halloween Astronaut Costume is ideal for astronaut costumes Flight roleplay Halloween, Christmas Eve night, cosplay, stage performances, Mardi gras masquerade balls, birthday parties, photography, or casual wear. Halloween Costume Astronaut costume for Women is a full-length bodysuit with a real-looking appearance and attention to detail, making you feel like an actual astronaut. The fabric is made of 90% spandex/10% polyester and is breathable, comfortable, and light-weighted. Because of the elastic material, it’s very convenient and simple to put on and remove. In just a few minutes, you can alter the style of your dress. It’s easy.

Zhitunemi Ladies Satin underbust Corset
Image Source: Corset house

Zhitunemi Renaissance Dress Medieval Costume are gothic dresses for Halloween. Irish over Lolita dress features a low soft neckline, which will display more attractive necklines, elasticized/high/smocked waist, and bell sleeves that are excellent for your body; full length will make you slim and slender. Unique cuff shapes. The round neckline makes an attractive neckline. Made from a premium satin fabric that’s incredibly soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The breasts and waist are elasticized to suit your body shape. Unfortunately, the pendulum that is circular slims you down.

Zhitunemi Ladies Steampunk Skirt
Image Source: old to beauty

Santa Costume

Christmas Cosets Santa Costume for Women is the most sinister red Christmas outfit ever. Christmas and stunning Christmas costumes in red. That has white faux fur trims on the bottom and breast hemline with a zipper closure on the front, ribbon laced in the back to secure it, and no panels for modesty. The Christmas corset is typically worn at weddings and Christmas celebrations, Santa costumes, nightclubbing and cosplay events, stage performances intimate, or simply Christmas bedroom costumes, and many other things.

Womens Victorian Lace Mesh Push up Bustier Corset
Image Source: Vogue

It’s also a great Christmas gift, a trendy festive Christmas family dress that can make your family members feel more festive and enjoy themselves, and is an ideal present to yourself or your loved ones. Anti-droop Breast design maintains breasts that are pushed up and shape your beautiful form. The delicate jacquard fabric is strong and gorgeous. The waist cincher that is soft and flexible can help keep you in the most optimal posture. The wear over time can be adjusted to your ideal shape due to the innovative design based on ergonomics.

Underbust Corset Of Zhitunemi

Zhitunemi Ladies Satin underbust Corset is a thigh-bustier corset that is a training clincher. The trendy corset is a favorite for Christmas celebrations, weddings, Halloween, nightclubbing cosplay, stage productions, or other private or spooky events. It’s great for Gothic designs like vampires, Can, Victorian, Moulin Rouge, Burlesque Dancer, Saloon Girls, Pinup Costume and skirts, or any other skinny-fitting pants that look great with corsets. It’s made from cotton, satin spandex, and satin, and it’s lined inside using a thick cotton material for maximum comfort. It assists in balancing the body to give it an aesthetically pleasing, slim, and slim silhouette and reduce unwanted bulges and bumps.

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Strap Corset

Renaissance corsets include lace-ruched sleeves and beautiful overbust that create a princess-like appearance. The corset is suitable for any occasion that calls for costumes. This corset is an essential piece of clothing that can be worn with almost anything. A classic Edwardian design makes wearers feel like a princess at night! This corset is sure to draw out the best in you, regardless of whether you’re at an event with a Victorian theme or a Gothic celebration. The corset has delicate details, like side-ruched sleeves that have zip closures and a modesty panel, and a back laced with strong laces. The style is elegant and feminine. Pair it with lightweight clothes for a hot summer day, or make it a dress for the evening in the stunning sparkle. This is the definition of timeless elegance.

Women’s Victorian Lace Mesh Push-up Bustier Corset is a top-quality garter and size corset. It is a classic style with it has a Smart style with adjustable shoulder straps and eye closures on the rear, a flirty corset, and a bustier that has a garter belt. It can be customized to suit waist sizes and help create the perfect shape. Girdle Shaper is breathable and comfortable. Mesh fabric that has panels that are stitched flat for a better fitting. It is ideal for everyday use, as well as for exercise.

Female Costumes for Corsets
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The visible lace pattern makes you look more attractive, charming, fashionable, stylish, and chic. Beautiful, stunning, extraordinarily wonderful, tempting. This fashionable corset is perfect for holiday celebrations, weddings, cosplay, parties, stage shows, and other shady or personal situations. The corset looks great with a skirt or other slim-fitting style of pants.

Corsets Dress Suit

Zhitunemi corsets
Image Source: Cosplay Central

Zhitunemi Ladies Steampunk Skirt is ideal for gothic pirate costumes. This stunning piece will make an excellent addition to your wardrobe-appropriate underskirts for goth, punk, burlesque, cyberpunk Spanish, and pirate costumes cocktail, prom, formal evening dresses, as well as other occasions. With a gorgeous sparkle and three different designs. Skater skirts with just one blade. Your legs appear slimmer and longer with shorter rear and front legs. Steampunk high-low skirt with frills, ankle-length, and a front-facing adjustable string. The symmetrical lengths of the skirt, high and low, make it an elegant steampunk-style skirt, made of satin and with a large elastic waistband that can be adjusted to fit all body styles. The folding design is neat and free of clutter.

Victorian Corsets
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Female Costumes for Halloween Gothic Victorian Corsets are burlesque-style dresses in black moulin rouge. Primarily, they are used as lingerie to style. It allows you to tie lacing in the back of your body to slim your waistline, increase the control of your stomach, and reduce the abdominal and belly area to define your body and curves to create the perfect hourglass-like shape. The corset is boned to provide support, using top-quality craftsmanship and high-end satin fabric to create an hourglass-like shape as a second outfit to wear out on the town and is a great option to add to your collection. The embellishments of lace, hook eye closure on the front and lace-up back are just a few of the highlights. Boning made of plastic for support, an incredibly soft satin corset vibrant color with certain elements that make you beautiful and suitable at any time, no matter if you’re planning to attend an event for a party or simply looking to get your waist in shape.

Zhitunemi is a top-quality brand of fashionable and top costumes and corsets of the highest quality. The dresses are sure to be eye-catching at any Halloween party or Halloween celebration. You’ll look gorgeous in these stunning outfits, blowing everyone’s breath away while comfortable due to the soft fabric. So if you’re looking for sexy dresses and corsets, take a look at our top-quality collection!

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